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Can I tell my boss's boss to "eat chit" and get a free week off work please?

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Jockstrap models gay latino
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Fenrilrajas 20.07.2018
I don't care about proving Jesus didn't exist. What I want you to demonstrate is that he was anything more than just a man.
Kajijas 31.07.2018
Affirmative action affected a (white) family member who applied for an in-department job for which he was the most experienced and most highly trained. He was passed over by a black applicant in order to comply with Affirmative Action or some such "enlightened" social program. So he resigned. Moreover, three other of his co-workers also resigned in protest over this egregious flauting of fairness, and flaunting of an enforced Leftist agenda. The race card cuts both ways and white people, too, are victims.
Bralrajas 04.08.2018
Never mind that millions were killed, robbed, raped, and enslaved in Jesus' name.
Kell 07.08.2018
No not an agenda at all.
Vudocage 12.08.2018
Actually, it is "listen to what I say, but don't let me stop you from doing whatever you want."
Tukasa 16.08.2018
Well, consider it a form of population control. Every species on earth has its own form.
Kazijas 25.08.2018
Oh carr, I've already said that I can understand boths POVs. Originally I sided with the baker's rights. (I'd ask that you review all my comments about this, by clicking on my profile.)
Dilmaran 04.09.2018
one more time....AND THEY STILL DO NOT KNOW
JoJokazahn 06.09.2018
Not surprisingly, as a Christian, there are a great number of verses I find inspiring.
Dougami 09.09.2018
There was this guy at work that order bulk eclipse glasses for our eclipse party I have never emailed or called him. His Venmo contact was just there. Now maybe someone I know has his contact info.
Voodoojas 17.09.2018
I thought all evidence for gods was "not-quite-there" half-baked evidence. At least I haven't been presented with any good evidence that gods exist. The closest theists get is the "we don't know for sure so it could have been a god" answers which doesn't prove anything.
Malatilar 23.09.2018
Not too bad. You?
Mazugore 27.09.2018
either that was a good dog or a pervert in a past life.... I will pick good dog... today...
Samunos 29.09.2018
'Lol' generally follows a joke.
Kagis 29.09.2018
For the schedule?
Barr 09.10.2018
Are the gods you worship now pagan gods ?
Mutaxe 17.10.2018
That parable only applies to those who actually work for him
Mikabar 20.10.2018
Your god is about to get swept. After personally picking his coach, his team, his position, etc.
Mikalmaran 29.10.2018
So, based on your statement below, the extensive editing of my observation is just for show. You are posturing to conceal a hidden belief. One that wasn't even under discussion, at least by me.
Shaktigal 31.10.2018
Gotta give you points for honesty.
Gazilkree 04.11.2018
And yet, it is through human existence that the human mind created the gods and goddesses as an explanation for things they had no clue about. Such as Thor the God of Thunder, or gods and goddesses that explained various natural acts and phenomenons.
Akinokinos 09.11.2018
"WHO AM I" 'nufsaid
Gugore 14.11.2018
exactly my point. In Europe they have euthanasia... Jack Kavorkian's dream. In China if the second child was a female in recent past it was acceptable to shove pins into the brains of the infant and drop it off a bridge to feed the carp. sooooo I guess this was acceptable as abortion in their culture?
Samulrajas 21.11.2018
Let me help you then.
Digis 27.11.2018
It shouldn't matter if they have mental health problems or not. As a parent you (not you specifically) have a responsibility to keep your firearms out of your child's hands unless they are under your supervision in a controlled setting. (Hunting, target practice, training)
Mokus 28.11.2018
Right, so believe the man hearing voices in his head?


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