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Japanese beauty gives bloke a greasy pierre


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Freemarket extremism is inevitably cruel to the disadvantaged.

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Japanese beauty gives bloke a greasy pierre
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Vuramar 13.08.2018
THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yozshukinos 21.08.2018
Am I supposed to know what you mean by that?
Nashakar 29.08.2018
He didn't prepare much to be president either.
Kazrara 30.08.2018
Oh, so it's soylent green now, is it. That's cannibalism. In many religions, that is fine. Apologies. Do carry on.
Moogugis 08.09.2018
I'm trying to find what this has to do with the article.
Samushura 17.09.2018
That's why you get him fired.
Dozahn 21.09.2018
But can one justify doing evil in order to do good? Doesn't that get us back to Mengele who does terrible things to a few because he believes that the knowledge he gains will benefit millions?
Gogis 30.09.2018
OK, I might have misread it as a 'strawmanish' post.
JoJodal 01.10.2018
Noticed you didn't address the banana
Nacage 03.10.2018
Khadr was a 15 year old at the time he allegedly chucked a grenade while buried and injured in the heap of rubble in which he was discovered a minute(?) later.
Dashicage 06.10.2018
Yeah i think that's hard for a younger guy with no experience to grasp. I mean, it makes sense in the abstract, but what tangibles is the young dude supposed to look for? Nobody has a clear answer to that, nor can they. Some trial and error and lived experience are necessary. One of the things which must be frustrating to these guys who have no luck whatsoever with women early on is that they know they need the experience but they can only get that if somebody actually says yes to a date.
Tojas 11.10.2018
I think it depends. In this situation if all of the above didn?t work at getting him conscious, I?d also have called the medical staff. Particularly if I know they don?t normally sleep. If it?s a habitual offender, I?d just send him to ISS.
Sasho 15.10.2018
Yep, the last one was wanting me to sign a partition to force it into science class.


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