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How to chat to orgasm

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How to chat to orgasm
How to chat to orgasm
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It is looking, more and more, like California is moving closer to seceding. It might not happen soon, but the trend seems to be moving in that direction. Check out what this dude said, about a decade ago:
Mazunos 19.08.2018
I?m amazed at how poetic and prosy all of us are getting.
Shalkis 21.08.2018
I didn't say they didn't exist. I'm saying they are exaggerated for dramatic effect by various media outlets and agencies as to their actual capabilities. OF COURSE THE GUY TRYING TO JUSTIFY HIS JOB IS GOING TO WANT TO "ALERT" PEOPLE. OR...make a "difference."
Nill 23.08.2018
Hah! I can officially no longer tell if you're sincere, or putting me on. Perfect Poe.
Faular 01.09.2018
It matters to me when I'm told or my family is told they are immoral for 'sinning' according to your god.
JoJokus 10.09.2018
Nonexistence is absence of consciousness, not absence of computers. I simply don't believe in absence of consciousness because it is impossible to imagine or to experience. Nor can it be known as it would require a knower who doesn't exist. Nonexistence is a belief. I am not a believer in it.
Zololkree 10.09.2018
WV was a Democrat state until just recently. I know WV quite well, actually. I would say the real problem with WV schools is culture - kids just don't see the point of education. I can drop out now and get $15/hour or I can get my diploma and make $15/hour.
JoJogis 20.09.2018
If God was so careful to direct what would be written, and then what would be included, why did he stop guiding?


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