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Cock Biting Femdom Castration Fantasies 03 - Scene 1

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Yes, it's possible to trap someone into marriage, if only using barrier methods of birth control.

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Gugis 10.08.2018
Almost. It was translated into the Septuagint as "parthenos" and the error kept perpetuating itself through time and translation. Note that the virgin birth is recounted only at Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 1:26-38. Why this invidious omission from Mark, the earliest Gospel, and John, the latest?
Gardasho 17.08.2018
I didn't give context or a reason for that hypothetical. You're the one who seems to think that violating TOS is okay depending on the context.
Tegrel 22.08.2018
" I, Donald J Trump, pardon myself for money laundering."
Fausho 28.08.2018
Ohhhhhh,,, I get it... you are one of those people that believe that the jews are Israelites. As long as you believe that FABLE you are destined to Remain BLIND like most of the world is today.
Goltilkree 03.09.2018
There are no positive arguments for god, just wish thinking, emotions and fallacies.
Mutaxe 10.09.2018
and what is wisdom? you test the bible through putting it into practice. its filled with circumstantial evidence which, like a relationship...any, you text as you go on. its built that way to be a partnership. God wants a relationship. the title is..covenant partnership, God working with us in this partnership..love. God IS love it says. how else would God do it? you know?
Yozshuzragore 18.09.2018
Now Jack, you have a pretty miserable record of predicting & interpreting the Mueller investigation...
Jucage 23.09.2018
no longer respect Giuliani
Maujinn 02.10.2018
Outside of 'reflex' and 'instinct'; everything a person chooses to do; including what to think, is based on their own personal reasons.
Kazikinos 11.10.2018
I hope you are living in a monastery then, with donated computers. XD
Gagore 13.10.2018
It is not at all important to me what you believe or why. Being honest in a debate is.
Shaktilkree 20.10.2018
This is a matter of no importance to US. We Americans fought a war to get these lemming?s boot off our neck. Frankly, Americans marrying into a royal family attaining a title of nobility is regressive, and a national embarrassment. Even John Adam?s silly passing notions of bestowing Americans with royal titles was mocked and rebuked.
Bralrajas 22.10.2018
Dr. Pepper > Coke
Arashigal 28.10.2018
"Do you agree that for a explanation to be considered "Scientifically Valid" it must be falsifiable?"
Meztirisar 03.11.2018
Laws by who? the majority? the minority? vigilante groups?
Shagis 10.11.2018
and I don't disagree with you. I'm saying to disagree outright isn't fair. If all parties are consenting and happy...who am I to say they aren't?
JoJogami 14.11.2018
I am not refusing to make a distinction at all.
Meztimuro 19.11.2018
Like all of it. Like literally everyone else does.
Megul 28.11.2018
I APPRECIATE THAT but I personally do not apologize for getting heated about it. I am
Makinos 09.12.2018
Yup - looks like a polished speech, written and reviewed by the Clinton campaign for maximum impact.
Fenos 09.12.2018
I don't any of those people, how can I vote for them?...lol
Meziran 12.12.2018
1 & 2: no comment. I can think of nothing missing or overdone/bothersome.
Faera 13.12.2018
Yes, it is quite the horror....some of you have little understanding of what it means to be respectful of other people's children.
Julabar 14.12.2018
Maybe you haven't bothered to open your eyes.
Kajigar 18.12.2018
LMFAO, you still got that bs going? Again, tell me how come when I and 100's of thousands of others like me, were being raped by these perverted pedophile priests and pastors not once did gawd EVER answer any of our prayers to make it stop.
Tausida 26.12.2018
A Father has to discipline. A Boss is impersonal. And a Boss implies slaves.
Mugor 01.01.2019
Wait.... they have a new Ribbentrop in the government?
JoJoramar 08.01.2019
but what else would ESPN talk about till the NFL starts back up?


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