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When someone makes a claim about a god that brings it into the material world then it certainly CAN be tested by science.

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Free tiffani amber nude gallery
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Tygoshura 28.06.2018
well, that was quick.
Maurr 02.07.2018
Darwinian s believe that the complexity can increase as a result of RANDOM mutations and "natural selection", which is assumed to be non-directed. That is, they claim that a directed process can spontaneously arise from random fluctuations. A naive form of Maxwell's demon. Perfect rubbish.
Kazrarn 05.07.2018
Tristan Thompson wouldnt have an 88 million dollar deal because HES NOT WORTH $88 MILLION DOLLARS! Tristan is represented by Klutch Sports which is owned by Lebron so hows that for nepotism? Lebron gets paid on the back end.
Gorisar 15.07.2018
Maybe he sold the donkeys on Jewjiji.
Gardalar 23.07.2018
NO! It is time to push back on the criminals with punishments that will take their freedom or their lives.
Zulubei 30.07.2018
That's not an answer, try again.
Zulkijas 04.08.2018
IKR? I heard this and thought, "since when is June LGBT month, and why must I care about it?"
Baran 11.08.2018
We are talking about the earth,The law states that all things are in a state of decay, so it is relevant.
Gahn 18.08.2018
You post a lot in your own OP. Are you afraid of Free Speech?
Tujora 20.08.2018
That's why there is no such thing as MRSA, right?
Voodoogrel 30.08.2018
She needs to just expire...which is what she will do before she gives up any kind of power. She is power mad.
Vudokus 08.09.2018
The title of the post is "Atheists, hows the Christianity decline in Europe working out?" Christians in Europe aren't converting to Islam, they're losing their faith. Do you disagree with the premise of the piece? He gives valid stats. Here's some more that aren't just Euro-centric.
Jular 09.09.2018
Acme condoms, Wiley has lots of coyote pups to feed!
Vudohn 16.09.2018
Start the game already
Shaktigami 25.09.2018
The Constitution says Religion is not to be infringed upon and yet i can not remember a Court decision that has not infringed upon Religion.
Mikakasa 28.09.2018
Mark 16: 9-20 is also accepted as not part of the orignial text.


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