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Please suck on my big nipples

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And just which god is this, the one you can't prove exists?

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Arashikree 15.08.2018
Not 40% of the population. No income tax. Only $ from the rest of us.
Shaktishicage 16.08.2018
I think we have very different views on what "responsible" and "purpose" mean...
Arashikree 25.08.2018
Fixed your wagon.
Yozshushura 03.09.2018
Funny how you are only pointing this out to atheists.
Mazujora 10.09.2018
Can I skip the pool and swim in a cup of coffee?
Maukus 16.09.2018
Incorrect for 2 reasons:
Melkree 20.09.2018
It's a strawman that no one actually uses.
Moogusida 28.09.2018
That is abundantly clear. But you make it sound like a bad thing.
Kazizragore 04.10.2018
There is no "both sided" there is the majorty side then the ones who want it to be a choice. We know for fact irs inborn, why is up for debate, but the fact its not a chorice is not
Najinn 09.10.2018
Rain is cool. Being soaking wet in a building set to about 60 degrees is not.
Zujind 17.10.2018
I'll assume you've not watched all the videos.
Mausida 18.10.2018
Hey first, I want to thank you for sharing, personal stuff is always difficult to share.
Fejar 18.10.2018
Are you saying not to jail the business owners but only the employees? I am not sure what you are advocating for here.
Goltishicage 21.10.2018
"How do you know it didn't exist before time?" This is enough to show people who may read this your ignorant in simple science?! Is there anything physical could exist without Time and space?! I'll not wait for your unswer just learn yourself before making funny comments.
Zumuro 30.10.2018
so we should accuse trump of being anti-american and bully his wife over her appearance and speech, i mean, fair is fair, right?
Mezijora 05.11.2018
So yes then.
Akitilar 12.11.2018
The lady that hates our constitution and has said such? Nice.
Mebei 18.11.2018
Holy sh!t. I just recalled that I proposed to my wife at a restaurant.


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