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Imitation of Christ.

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Find celebrity sex dvds for sale
Find celebrity sex dvds for sale
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Arashigis 09.04.2018
Dead sea scrolls are 300 BC greek Septuagint and 170 BC for masoretic which gave the modern bible translations. There are much older fragments. If you want to convince yourself its altered or self fulfilled, go ahead. Just the Jews coming back would have taken how much orchestration...timing, manipulating, convincing, power etc. Hows that possible? Two world wars, four powers rising and falling..two super powers, 250 million dead..6 mil Jews etc. Churchill had to go save his nation and Truman had to be convinced to pick up where he left off, all in time. Who are these supermen?
Votilar 19.04.2018
I took the time to read most of your posts and understand where you are coming from RR. Christianity and the many pseudo-forms of it are a maze that the average unbeliever would never know how to sort through listening to 90+% of those who attend and serve in churches throughout the USA. It was not that much better in the 60's than it is today... it was just a little more pious... That said, it is our tendency as humans to rationalize each situation that we are put in, probably similar to when you had cancer...there were things that you may have reasoned in or out of your life to cope with that wicked disease, just to make sense of things and how to not lose your mind. I have been in some tight places before and know how this works and feels (a little). Back on your current issue, I can see how becoming a Universalist and wanting to stay "Christian" is an issue for you and hence your post. I can assure you that many inside and outside of the church will have many opinions, however you should know the truth at this moment in your life. I don't know all of the specifics of your Christian experience but I do see that you are trying to cope with your heart and Christ. Tough situation. Christ is there with you. Christ never left the Scriptures for expediency or comfort... remember his temptation in the desert. He had not eaten for 40 days and Satan presented all things to Christ in a "reasonable" manner and solution to the issues he was having. Christ was much stronger and faithful than we will ever be walking on this planet. This does not mean that we Christians can throw in the towel when we are in a tough spot and say that Scripture doesn't matter. God's word was good then and not now...this is very deceptive when we are faced with an Eternal God who literally holds time in the palm of his hand and can look ahead / behind/left side/right side of it...very different from out temporal situation here in our minds. Your son said that he is celibate, which is good. Having same-sex or opposite-sex attraction is never a problem, as long as the individual doesn't act on it outside of marriage. There is no such thing as Gay Marriage with God in the Scriptures, marriage is the most sacred thing we humans do and God made and ordained it that way. I really can't understand your church abandoning you at this difficult time...doesn't sound too Christian in my professional opinion (I am a professional fruit inspector). I have 2 daughters that have run far from Christianity and it is something that I pray about regularly...but I know that God is faithful and will intervene. I do not resort to Universalism or something else, I go to the feet of Christ. He is faithful. My job is to trust and even when nothing makes sense to me or those around me, I must trust him. These trials are put specifically in our way for testing...the question is not: can God do anything, the question is will I trust him to take care of business? He made everything and holds it all together so that even the Atheist can wake up to a predictable sunrise tomorrow morning without ever questioning if it will happen. A trap that many fall into is to create a new god that does everything that we want the way that we would do it... Please respond and let me know if you would like to discuss further.
Zulkill 25.04.2018
It could be constituted as workplace harassment -- IF she wasn't openly flirtatious, hadn't consented to the physical intimacy, and hadn't accepted his gifts and job promotions, and in her own words referred to their relationship as an affair.
Vuhn 01.05.2018
I thought it is unlikely.
Mauramar 08.05.2018
Lol, what started out as a fair-minded OP quickly devolved into a ranting criticism of Christianity.
Tegar 14.05.2018
"you certainly have far proven YOU do not want to stay out of the lives of us atheists"
Kagashura 14.05.2018
To me, a multimillion dollar megachurch with a seven figure a year salary Reverend in a city with homeless people should ask themselves what would their messiah do and maybe stop making houses of worship their market.
Faesar 23.05.2018
It isn't really proving a negative, it's exploring a contradiction in the supposed attributes of the Bible God. I don't believe in God because it's absurd, not because I think I can prove a negative.
Gardashicage 31.05.2018
Sure define things as you would like them defined.
Gacage 01.06.2018
Actually no, since I?m here on a site that the majority don?t share my views. I use facts. You snowflakes can?t stand facts. Like your hero.
Dagor 10.06.2018
When I think of that, the alternative makes me laugh..."if it comes back to you, it's yours. If it doesn't, hunt it down and kill it."
Dozragore 14.06.2018
Okay what good is confidence you are right if you can not demonstrate you are correct and you ignore counter evidence? The 9/11 attackers had faith to the point they were will and did die for their beliefs. The pope is having a crisis of faith as evidence shows that Bishop Barros of Chile hid abuse of children.
Tygojora 22.06.2018
Nobody has a problem with the beautiful poetic passages
Shak 28.06.2018
I jealously/enviously think "If I thought life had no consequences... I'd be a lot more bad!"
Goltinris 09.07.2018
Oh I really don't dispute that is was probably called Nazareth, way back when.
Arashiramar 14.07.2018
As an outsider looking in on Christianity and religion in general I find the whole issue of hermeneutics interesting. To me if you call yourself a Christian I accept you as a Christian. I don't see a big difference between Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, JW's, Baptist . . .
Nekasa 17.07.2018
I am not interested to read his book. I asked you to show the studies of God and the layers of complexity. You must have those studies and peer-reviews. Why would you try to defect to Hawking's book?
Kagar 25.07.2018
here's no dilemma, here.
Mabei 27.07.2018
Not my area of interest , so I will take your word for it.
Mojin 02.08.2018
We should start a sock brand named
Shalar 10.08.2018
If you take a position of responsibility, people with give you authority. Part of the job is setting boundaries, volunteer or not.
Vigrel 18.08.2018
I just think Trump should be treated exactly the same he and his lickspittles treat unarmed blacks.
Vimuro 24.08.2018
The US crime rate is higher (due to poverty?).
Niran 26.08.2018
Trudeau was smart enough not to start a trade war. Your crush object? Not so much.
Tautaxe 04.09.2018
not exactly scriptural there. there are many verses that give specific instructions on how to rub the lamp and get what you ask for. there are also those that say you can change god's mind.
Grokora 11.09.2018
But pay close attention, I am not discussing anything in the OP.
Bralabar 15.09.2018
England doesn?t like him
Mauzahn 25.09.2018
I don't eat fish. My wife loves sardines. When she cracks open a can I ask her to do so in the next county over.
Goltirg 05.10.2018
Well don't forget his stance against abortion, it never seems to make the lists of why he's so great like yours above... Why not?
Arashidal 12.10.2018
Circumstantial evidence allows you to confirm your biases. It is by no means evidence on it?s own. There is no evidence that suggests God created this. There is only a lack of evidence that proves how we came to be, which you arbitrarily inserted God into it.
Dagrel 15.10.2018
My answer is 100, with a rejection of part of your premise:


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