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Religion is not immune from fact, unfortunately for the religious.

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Faushicage 12.06.2018
The information has been very helpful to make some very important
Dishicage 13.06.2018
Elllllvis.... He was da King and left the building!
Zolozahn 19.06.2018
The so called big bang did not create a conscious being.
Yozil 23.06.2018
It was allowed because the democrats did it and benefited from those Japanese assets.
Malacage 25.06.2018
Once more, if the bible is true, Adam was created right after earth. If you do not agree its true, its not an issue.
Samulabar 01.07.2018
Why are you doing this to yourself? If you need pain in your life, I'm sure if you ask your wife she'll be happy to help you. You don't need to do this!! *sob*
Dagrel 07.07.2018
If a woman doesn't answer spotted dick to this question they're playing wrong.
Shagami 14.07.2018
Unlike me???? You literally said God reveals "light" to you! And I never claimed to know God's mind.
Goltijas 22.07.2018
Yeah, my friends biggest worry right now is getting their kids through college.
Mataur 30.07.2018
The Bible is truly inspired. It inspires some to blindly follow what it seems to teach. It inspires some to start questiong everything they have been taught. Many of these are inspired to pursue other spiritual diciplines, and many are inspired to become atheists or agnostics.
Mulkree 31.07.2018
And what does the OFFICE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT have to do with this conversation????
Tokora 03.08.2018
I guess not. there was one girl I knew who could get pretty vulgar. She was a riot.
JoJogal 05.08.2018
Son, Christians wrote the US Constitution. Just saying, that's historical fact, so I can't imagine what you mean by "Now you've insinuated yourselves..."
Meztirg 14.08.2018
Laughably absurd, and a denial of facts, but ok! ??
Gardashura 16.08.2018
Salt Stuck on Me


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