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Trump isn?t respected by the world or people with Brains

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Black lesbian ass lickiing tube
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Ball 07.06.2018
While I agree with you by principle, its not a justification for several officers to gang up on one guy and punch him several times.
Neran 12.06.2018
sorry, I missed the tweet with that info. Thanks.
Sarisar 13.06.2018
I'd disagree... Police Brutality for example.... people cry "police brutality" all the time now, even when cops are just doing their jobs and no such offense was committed, and it's gotten to the point where people no longer care when people cry "police brutality" which isn't a good thing... Mind you, that would more often than not apply to men.
Fenrijas 17.06.2018
I don't get it, are you having a problem with schools teaching education subjects to kids? Or do you have a problem taking out religious indoctrination and favoritism from schools?
Kigagami 20.06.2018
Unfortunately you live on a state where the lottery is NOT earmarked for education Only it is transferred to the state treasury... And squandered.
Kazrakasa 24.06.2018
I?m of the opinion that once you start granting concessions and exemptions for this tribal and superstitious rot it doesn?t stop.
Shalkree 30.06.2018
Prove you're the Pope of anything and that you are logical. I just want facts.
Kazrakasa 10.07.2018
Civility is a difficult task when the person you're conversing with says the Democrats are the ones in the wrong for being unable to solve a problem that was 100% caused by the GOP, and that persists because of the GOP.
Tojas 20.07.2018
So, you believe that religions that believe in animal sacrifice are exempt from animal cruelty laws?
Tulmaran 29.07.2018
Nothing in your remarks suggest that you made it past 8th grade.
Zolohn 02.08.2018
If I'm lucky I'll either be wearing sunglasses so no one will ever know or my SO will be seated facing me and the hottie will walk behind him.
Zugis 09.08.2018
An Iconic brand is streamlining, overseas production, distribution and sales. Is Boeing next up on a Trump twitter rant? Their production is (has) moved overseas too. The Kansas City Harley plant was a planned closing for several years.
Daikus 18.08.2018
Congress spent $10 trillion but your point is made, it cost a lot to get what we have now.


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