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Vintage spectra model p-251

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I believe we're in for a rocky ride over the next 100-200 years due to climate change that already appears irreversible (speaking in human, not geological terms). Eventually another ice age will come and make all of this moot, but that's likely tens of thousands of years away.

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Vintage spectra model p-251
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We already have.
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Why? Again, I really don't care if you don't think my fire alarm works.
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Actually you made my case. Although lions and tigers can mate and have offspring, those offspring are infertile (I belive that the females can be fertile, but it is NEVER the case that the males are). Remember, the claim I am positing is procreation, not offspring creation.
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more complex? Killing babies is wrong. I think I'm very consistent. Just because god does it, doesn't mean it's ok
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I mean I don't think it's anyone's business how many children someone has. Also any time I hang out with families with multiple kids it's so much fun
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