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I had joined a fraternity house on a whim, Od liked them because they were mostly goofy broke guys like me, and there were very few elitists or jocks to deal with, that was for the big time frats, we were smaller and much less selective: mostly good students who worked crappy jobs and jerked off incessantly.

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It is also against the rules. No assumptions, random people.

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Very old daddy mature gay
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Fegore 28.08.2018
" is it possible that the bizarre world of QP holds the key to what the devout are calling the afterlife?" - article
Vudot 31.08.2018
Not a bible scholar like the prolific author and retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong writing in "The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic"? The reason the Gospel of John differs so radically from the synoptics is because it's fiction.
Shakazil 09.09.2018
The problem, however, is that this does nothing to explain evil. The question becomes even more confounding if you take away a moral creative agent.
Volar 18.09.2018
Yet we still treat women as lesser than...
Bashicage 28.09.2018
Billions of dollars in education lotteries and NOT a effin penny for security in schools...
Dashicage 05.10.2018
Home every 3-4 weeks, sitting straight 8hrs/day, heavy weight lifting and $7000 tuition before started.
Kazrajar 11.10.2018
I don't think bad about an actor cause of his/her role, that's the job and they aren't really hurting anyone.
Goltim 13.10.2018
Argumentum ad verecundiam.
Vitaur 21.10.2018
How do you know there IS an unseen world?
Shaktijinn 28.10.2018
Tell that to Aileen Wuornos.
Kajigis 03.11.2018
Well four of the ten are stupid and needy. So really, six commandments. And don?t you find it odd that of those six god never thought to tell us not to own people or treat women with respect?
Nishicage 05.11.2018
And on a tenth of the money too.
Majinn 14.11.2018
Backdoor works even better!
Kigrel 20.11.2018
Got it. When a leftie does it, you're fine.
Malkis 29.11.2018
My kids lost more coats, scarves, gloves, and hats than I care to count
Tujar 07.12.2018
Yup. All that and more.
Tushicage 13.12.2018
I'm torn. Part of me thinks you should have a good enough relationship with your boyfriend to tell him... but then I think it's easier if he doesn't know if he's going to work with this scumbag.
Teran 19.12.2018
So, this verse is about heterosexual people who lust after their own sex. It has nothing to do with gay people. It's telling straight people not to experiment.
Kizragore 25.12.2018
"How have you determined you can know nothing of the unknown?"
Kirisar 26.12.2018
Erummm, yes ?
Shaktizil 30.12.2018
Doug Ford could easily find billions of wasted dollars in our healthcare bureaucracy and if he does he will redirect those dollars toward patient care and hospital expansions....His desire to let doctors run healthcare is a step in the right direction because lets face it....We have been going in the wrong direction for a long long time.
Akikinos 31.12.2018
I never said it wasn't, but you where the one that said 2 cells have equal value to a sentient grown human.
Fenririsar 05.01.2019
He pulled off Churchill very well.
Jujind 09.01.2019
Wow, someone who is actually addressing the OP questions. Kudos.
Zulmaran 14.01.2019
why would you want a president that can pardon himself
Tojacage 15.01.2019
Yet you do it so well.
Mikajinn 23.01.2019
So you wish for a country where laws are non-existent? Where anarchy reigns?
Kigazahn 27.01.2019
Featuring. It's more accurate and informative than mine. Thanks for searching for this one.
Sarisar 05.02.2019
Hard one. The Buddha came before Krishna and both came before "Christianities"...so depending on how you look at it...?? I just find it interesting that Martyr nor Origen had ANY CLUE about this suppose "Jesus of Nazareth" fella and one would think they would have SOME CLUE about him.
Zuluktilar 14.02.2019
What does the Vulgate of St. Jerome say in these verses?
Brar 16.02.2019
You have cough syrup for breakfast?


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