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HMV - SexKiller by ZoburNight

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HMV - SexKiller by ZoburNight

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John Lennox says QP isn't a big deal and doesn't give it any value or significance toward physics or religion. I know nothing about it myself and can die quite happily in my ignorance about it.

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Togul 16.07.2018
If God created everything, he knocked over Uranus and never got around to righting it.
Vukree 26.07.2018
It makes for a great theological teaching which is fine but the literary content reveles the fictional nature of this story.
Teshakar 03.08.2018
Rejected letter for a bad advice thread, but an interesting..if scary read. Way too worrying and real world for use in a bad advice thread.
Meztimi 09.08.2018
The list of Famous people from our state is really amazing:
Tesar 19.08.2018
Ruth Ginsburg is on life support
Mikak 27.08.2018
Actually God is real, but you are imaginary, as was ever thus.
Fenrijinn 30.08.2018
Neither omni is indicative that God made an affirmative act around the sexuality of an individual. Omnipotent simply means that he can act, omniscience means that he will know when it happens.
Gardalmaran 05.09.2018
Provable Science and True Scripture from God should match.
Fauzilkree 10.09.2018
It is interesting. Do you mean those who died in Hiroshima would prefer that death to ordinary rape? Is it your opinion, or they told you?
Taukinos 15.09.2018
That child cannot possibly.
Shakalar 18.09.2018
It literally is in the definition I provided, and here in your description you claim to have a phd, wonder how much does a phd cost these days, given your response.
Terr 20.09.2018
I was one of the "rare few," as you put it, I always knew I wanted a wife and kids, but it didn't matter at all. Not for me, at least...
Zulkijora 30.09.2018
They violated the law of moses. Thou shalt not kill. They also commited suicide. Not Martyrs.
Meztirr 03.10.2018
I am done with the internet for today????????????????????????
Mikree 04.10.2018
Whatever. You said opposition to abortion isn't a religious argument. I showed that it can be.
Malazuru 05.10.2018
that would get into personal experience. I've seen some weird stuff in my 69 years of life.
Milrajas 07.10.2018
You mean like the baker who was crucified for his religion.
Mikaktilar 16.10.2018
Good point. I should refer to God as an 'it' since it probably would have no gender at all. Anthropomorphizing God is narcissist.
Kerr 17.10.2018
That you shouldn't eat pepperoni pizza before going to bed... :)))
Motaur 26.10.2018
I never asked you for it lol
Akitaxe 02.11.2018
Quote from someone on the Financial Post:
Moogujin 10.11.2018
Men don't need a marker...it's safe to assume they're all easy. Never had one present a challenge. Every man I've ever known sexually has been an easy lay. F*cking sIuts. :)


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