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Cute Asian Light JOI

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Yeah, and his screen name was "Epicurean-something." He believed the fairytale of evolution. Incomprehensible chaos is exactly what you have when you refuse believe what God has said.

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Planetsuzy forum adult comics the arena
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Zut 18.06.2018
Like believers, atheists try to make the best lives for themselves that they can. And, like believers, they understand that a cooperative society is the best way to achieve that goal. Humans have been around long enough to realize that "every man for himself" doesn't allow for one worker to mine the ore, another to smelt the steel, another to make the saw, and another to cut the wood. If a single element of that chain is untrustworthy, then the society breaks down and houses are a lot harder to come by, and aren't anywhere near as comfortable.
Gatilar 22.06.2018
Rejecting God implies God has given me directly something to reject. I reject all writings of men and words of men who claim to have information from God.
Modal 28.06.2018
How dare you judge trilobites! /s
Kazill 06.07.2018
"Increasing diversity in interperting a basically intolerant and violent message will hardly bring much good."
Mizil 15.07.2018
You realize government mandated discrimination right?
Vijin 26.07.2018
You need to stop imagining that"the left" is some boogeyman collective. I am as left as you will find on this channel and am a HUGE proponent for pipelines.
Gogore 27.07.2018
Thanks for another thoughtful comment, greenpeace. I?ve enjoyed the dialogue. I generally stick to original sources, but Bergson is one whose original work I?ve never read (much of). I have a couple books of his sitting on my Kindle, but haven?t gotten around to them. This convo is getting him back onto my to-read list. I think you might like him quite a bit. He was a philosophy star for a minute in the early 20th century, but then quickly fell out of fashion as he rose to prominence about the same time as Einstein?s general relativity took center-stage. He famously debated Einstein about whether time or space is primary, with (of course) Einstein arguing for space. ?The world? agreed with Einstein and Bergson was basically forgotten. But he has made a comeback, and obviously with his emphasis on time, he fits nicely with process philosophy and theology. He also fits kind of perfectly with your earlier comments about ?wave mechanics? and the ?hologram model.? Some years ago, I read a book by a guy named Stephen Robbins called ?Time and Memory: A primer on the scientific mysticism of consciousness? in which he used Bergson?s conception of consciousness to posit a combination of those ideas. Basically, he asserts that Bergson thought of the brain as what we might now call a ?modulated reconstructive wave? passing through a holographic field, in terms of how we perceive and construct our experience of reality. You might find Bergson (and Robbins) very pertinent to your approach. Again, I haven?t read Bergson and obviously he wrote long before the hologram was a glint in anyone?s eye, so I don?t know how directly his language (or its translation into English) conforms to the framework in which Robbins presents his views.
Maunos 04.08.2018
Christians love dirty sex.
Kigul 07.08.2018
Hold up hon, I sense animosity in your comment. I wasn?t saying what you assumed I was saying. I merely made a statement! No where in my statement should have given you the impression I meant what you thought! But if you?re going to attack posters for commenting, I?ll take heed and not post on your thread. Enjoy the rest of your day.
Tuzragore 09.08.2018
No! Where the hell did that come from? I'd rather chop it off than do such a thing mate!
Daigore 18.08.2018
That is a rumor. The wall was a toll booth to collect taxes between provinces and population control in or out.
Moogura 18.08.2018
I can not to this day figure out why... I have been shot, kicked, stabbed, bitten, hit by cars, beaten, raped, fallen off ladders, pushed down stairs, drug addicted and now after all that poke me with a #22 Hypodermic needle and I get light headed. Why?
Dijas 20.08.2018
But only in America of course :P
Macage 28.08.2018
wait... I am to respond to something posted above the advertisement?
Tuktilar 03.09.2018
Lol. There were 7 questions not related to that.
Nikolar 10.09.2018
WTF does that even mean? I am an atheist dimwit.


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