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Got it?" "No probs" he turned away and went and chatted to a couple of other guys in the room. He isn't doing anything.

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For the other services they provide. The OP isn't arguing for or against PP being funded by taxes. The comment is just clearing up a common misconception.

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Mauzuru 15.08.2018
Yeah we have been hearing the right's threats about the Clintons for easily 30 years.
Malakree 23.08.2018
I can prove it happened, I have books that date to the exact decade. I have 8 apostles that were killed for refusing to renounce their messiah. That is historical proof. You choose to deny, because you don't care about evidence.
Mezirg 26.08.2018
Making Americans Grovel Again?
Grogami 02.09.2018
Point noted. He had Male dna but did not have Adam's line.
Kesida 10.09.2018
John 3:18 is all the theology you need to know. Chose as you wish, you have been warned.
Tegor 17.09.2018
There is no debate within Mormonism that they are Christian. There is debate outside Mormonism, based on their belief that Jesus has a separate body from God the Father.
Mak 18.09.2018
I still believe the only way for order in society is w/chain of
Bragami 24.09.2018
I stopped watching the NBA around the time Iverson came into the league. I can't say that i miss it even a little. The league started leaning-thug around that time. It's not even about race, either, just attitudes. Being a Knicks fan there were many years when every player on the team was black.
Kagaran 04.10.2018
Your own link supports gradualism though.
Vudoktilar 10.10.2018
Even the sainted Mitt Romney was turned into a monster by their propaganda machine - not even Mother Theresa nor Gandi would be safe from the smear machine of the left if the political occasion called for it. They would twist their every action and every word until the picture it painted was unrecognizable. If you're a leftist, it's what you do.
Vozuru 16.10.2018
Your condescension is both hypocritical and pathetic, LLP. I tire of your tedium. Cheers
Kagakree 18.10.2018
The guy has not problem associating and serving gay people, just won't celebrate a gay wedding. Being gay does not give you the power to force people to create whatever you want.
Faezil 20.10.2018
Pancakes or waffles?


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