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Off sexy show wife
Off sexy show wife
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Yup, you can now take your cloister with you.
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Lot's wife is not named in the Bible. Not sure who the "Sarah" is mentioned here turning into a pillar of salt.
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The videos are Chuck Brown and RE.
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Where is God? He is but a thought away.
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please, tell me where my comment indicates faith?
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i am aware whats your point? i think Mueller is doing a through job
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Would that really work? You'd think the cabinet would buckle so the drawers wouldn't open.
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The better question is why is it Republicans only protect jobs like landscaping jobs.
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oh trust me im quite familiar lmao
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The post wasn?t saying that self proclaimed people of any particular religion are moral or that people in a position of authority over kids who commit such atrocious acts are moral. It?s saying that kids that go to Catholic schools commit less murder than kids who go to public schools.
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People have the right to make their own choices AND they WILL be held accountable for those choices.
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seems like common sense
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Ooh, it's simple and quietly elegant! I don't even want coffee to have it. (Petulantly throwing my perfectly fine coffeemaker in the garbage. ??)
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So he lied then
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