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the last thing you sound is independent, amazing that you see honoring our anthem as being divisive

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Nude clubs in key west
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Bragar 03.03.2018
To be honest, I just get tired of the bickering and yabbuts.
Tujind 14.03.2018
Indeed it is both fact and evidince. Not about the magic stuff, but the claims that can be falsified the bible makes many cliams that can be checked. And many have proven to be false
Gocage 23.03.2018
But, you do accept the miraculous! It is plainly miraculous that a "singularity" appeared out of nowhere, exploded for no reason with no outside help, and then magically brought everything into existence (also for no reason.) And just coincidentally pond scum got hit by lightning, and magically came alive! Utter foolishness.
Kejar 29.03.2018
Eh? What Machiavellian meme are you quoting? The GDP broke the 3% barrier which Obama failed to hurdle in the first six months under Trump. It is now over 4%. Peddling lies to prove a point is proving nothing.
Dounos 08.04.2018
It?s not rife with misogyny.
Dougul 10.04.2018
I understand that a valedictorian's speech is being censored at a high school, which I believe is wrong, but other than that, all of those things are currently legal in the US. The restriction is on the teachers and school administration, not on individual students. Religion and the public education system should have nothing to do with each other. My thoughts on the valedictory speech is that it probably would be boring to a majority of students, but it should be allowed to be given.
Goltinris 14.04.2018
that's one lesson to late - don't move in with a person without making sure that both of you have a fall back plan. Don't ever allow someone to become dependent on you.
Tugore 16.04.2018
Yeah it looks like the towel on the Mussy's heads.
Zolosida 27.04.2018
The baker doesn't have to agree with it. He can't refuse them a cake though, because he sells wedding cakes to other couples.
Kigazilkree 01.05.2018
I really shouldn't even be allowed to vote. Democratic ideals aside, it will only spell trouble.
Tojasho 03.05.2018
Ok, you're right. The intent of lopping off millions of foreskins at this point has become so normal that we barely attach intent on it. And it's only recently been seen as cruel or nonconsensual... that makes it better.
Nizilkree 10.05.2018
Well, one of my best friends wife made a late payment on their home. The home was in her name and it essentially ruined their credit even though his was great. They literally had to divorce to keep the glitch from hurting them more. Meh, have a day to like. I am not the guy for this subject anyway. I talk to much.


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