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So I could sleep

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So I could sleep

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Are animals conscious? Are plants conscious?

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Natural & hairy 5
Natural & hairy 5
Natural & hairy 5
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But no advocate of enforced Christianity. Let's not get too far from my original context.
Yomuro 03.06.2018
Never. That was the last guy.
Zolojar 11.06.2018
there was charity well before Christianity.
Mer 19.06.2018
Very professorial. Takes me back to law school.
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Yeah, and his screen name was "Epicurean-something." He believed the fairytale of evolution. Incomprehensible chaos is exactly what you have when you refuse believe what God has said.
Taukinos 21.06.2018
Being human is special, but not religiously special. We humans have done a lot of remarkable things with our brains. After death, humans are about as special as grasshoppers are.
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obama saved the economy and passed healthcare reform his first year
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Blocking is so childish.
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Proof of how all choices have consequences & often the innocent suffer!
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No, it merely means that men are incorrect because God cannot be incorrect.
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It's not "my opinion".
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Cheers OU. Trigger you later. :)
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They surely tout the ten commandments but don't follow the one about the Sabbath.
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I wish I knew...??
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All I know of your beliefs is that they are different from mine (based on the way you try to insult my beliefs) and because you try to insult my beliefs I can assume you think they are inferior to your own because only an idiot would insult beliefs they share.
Migor 20.08.2018
Oh I'm sure they did. Ha!
Kajora 21.08.2018
That?s why it?s called resurrection.
Gardagore 26.08.2018
I would expect Bridenstine to be out of a job by the end of the year. Trump isn't going to let this guy hang on once the big carbon energy boys start waving money around.


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