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This is the arrogance that underlies creationism, the notion that a lay person can sit back and idly think about a discipline that takes years to understand much less master and disprove it with facile, simple minded arguments. There is really nothing funnier or more ridiculous than a Bible thumper making proclamations about science. Where'd you get your degree in biology? What makes you think you are qualified to make claims like that? Because you aren't. Your arrogance has gone into orbit.

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Tojahn 04.04.2018
Well you should if you are claiming to have an alternative or competing theory. You seem to have nothing but conjecture, but what else is new?
Tojin 11.04.2018
And the Israelites were still bronze age people. Also they didn't have Chariots.
JoJosar 15.04.2018
It's a fun book, you'll like it. The newer movie isn't too bad either.
Malakinos 22.04.2018
Thank you and fair enough. I should have also included the idea that prominence can trump discovery, at least for time.
Zulkizragore 27.04.2018
The theory of evolution isn't some weak, fragmented evidence. You don't understand the evidence, and you tend to just copy and paste quote minned stuff about it.
Nekus 03.05.2018
HHHHmmmm, I see, yes.
Migor 12.05.2018
So? You made the comment "religious claims are subjective"
Totaur 20.05.2018
Are you moving to the city?
Akit 22.05.2018
Bee's show isn't like that it's a 30 min rant.....
Volkis 01.06.2018
He would block 1 number and another would roll in!!!!.. Lmao
Nejinn 07.06.2018
The word marraige was not even religouse, but a legal term.


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