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She needs a new mattress. Those springs look strained.

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Mature indeoendent new york escort
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Yup very warm
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Is it fair to say that at some point you considered being attracted to the same sex, then decided against it?
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We are not a monolith. What? Do you think we all think alike? Haitians were enslaved by the French. Different background and culture. Blacks from different parts of the diaspora all have had different experiences. We simply all don't see the same things. There are even some black Republicans who think as you do. Ben Carson comes to mind. He was a great surgeon. But politics elude him. The black community has abandoned him. He is an ass kissing black man.
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Can you please rephrase that last question? It wasn't clear.
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So let's see those 12-15 examples of Paul citing Jesus's Gospel ministry.
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Sorry, but wrong on both counts. Obama didn't spend even close to ten trillion. It was one of the quickest recoveries from a great recession ever. It took us 23 years to recover last time. This time he did it in 7. And yes, he did. Not Trump and his idiot policies, not the GOP and their cut taxes and regulations makes it all good except no it causes a huge crash. Obama.
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Bit the effing whore Jew Lerner was guilty of treason.
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You can't know that, you can't even begin to say that. You have no idea who the man complaining was. You are assuming this is true in order to make your argument work.
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"I have never heard that matter and energy originated at that time because it does not make sense"
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I didn't specifically ask for your support , everything on this forum is based on opinions , what I said was based upon observations and knowing lots of different people , could I be wrong , well of course I could be .
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1. Here at RC the Bible tends to be presented as all good, or all horror. What do you think of this more nuanced approach?
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I could use a 3-day timeout. My filing has been backing up for more than two years.
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How do you come to that conclusion, based on what I wrote?
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Does it imply that Global Warming Swindle is a kind of science?
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I'm sure plenty of those Arkansans deny the existence of not only "a God", but probably all but one or three of them.


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