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Trish and Kathy.

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I advocate stopping illegal immigration.

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Marissa tomei naked pics
Marissa tomei naked pics
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Akilkis 03.08.2018
What a bunch of nonsense.
Faeshakar 13.08.2018
In our situation because of his job and my country of origin, it does mean long, long discussions about what our relationship means.
Kagara 19.08.2018
I only remember two biased fans not being able to take other peoples opinions very well. One is gone and the other claims to be leaving.
Kazradal 21.08.2018
many historians believe that the western european experiences in the muslim world during the crusades (the more peaceful ruling and trading parts between the battles) sparked the renaissance.
Gugore 26.08.2018
Now Jack, you have a pretty miserable record of predicting & interpreting the Mueller investigation...
Gumi 02.09.2018
It was interesting but I don't understand how it relates to my comment.
Tukus 03.09.2018
lol ... i think so and i hope so ... but lol
Nijar 07.09.2018
I don?t question what the Bible says? You must be confusing me with someone else.
Sazilkree 17.09.2018
Empathy only goes so far, I haven't heard of one teenage girl shooting up a school
Zolonris 22.09.2018
Yeah because Shannon knows exactly who is buying what. If it were such a horrible film, and if society did in fact reject is as you're trying to to assert then it wouldn't have made a colossal 1.08 billion dollars worldwide now wouldn't it?
Gurg 23.09.2018
God also said to kill the infidel. Your god commanded his followers to rip open the belly of pregnant women. He commanded his followers to smash the bodies of children against rocks. He advocated slavery and so did your Jesus. Your god sicked bears on a group of 40 children and had them ripped to shreds when they made fun of a prophets bald head.Your god commanded his followers to rape virgins captured in war. Hmmmmm.
Votaxe 27.09.2018
Who throws away cars??? Put that [email protected] in the yard!!! Use it for spare parts and stray cats!
Gujin 04.10.2018
As the committee chairwoman, maybe you could email them both that it's come to your attention there's an "issue", whatever it may be, and remind them that a charity is no place for personal disputes. The goal of the charity is to help people in need and their personal dispute is taking away from that goal.
Yogore 10.10.2018
Lmao. Wow. You need some
Nejora 11.10.2018
The Ussher chronology is a 17th-century chronology of the history of the world formulated from a literal reading of the Old Testament by James Ussher, the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland. Ussher deduced that the first day of creation fell upon, October 23, 4004 BC, in the proleptic Julian calendar, near the autumnal equinox.
Sajas 12.10.2018
6 times out of how many hundreds of companies?
Moogugore 18.10.2018
Sure, that's what I meant by wrong (not a reliable indicator of truth).
Mojind 27.10.2018
"They're still known today. Just like dragons.
Malagami 04.11.2018
It was pretty good, that way.
Arashisho 05.11.2018
You still don't get it. I'll type slower for you. We don't care what you believe, and we already know how to deal with the reality that more of you "were here!" than are here now. With communication technology being what it is, the voice of reason is getting real loud, real fast. The children of today aren't sheltered from outside influences like they used to be.They will be prompted to actually give thought to their beliefs.
Akilkis 11.11.2018
I hope she sees someone about it because I don't think she can do this forever though
Tum 19.11.2018
Delightful? Dilettante? Despicable?
Arashidal 21.11.2018
If you are an example of a learned one then I ain't paying for lessons.
Nilar 28.11.2018
I agree. I always defer to the laws.
Gazragore 08.12.2018
Atheists still letting their imagination run wild - still waiting on the alligator with feathers that changed into a bird.
Nejind 14.12.2018
I'm sorry, I just believe in the power of God. I look at videos &
Garr 18.12.2018
Ok. You are trying something else now again. So the Son and the Holy Spirit are the sons of God. The Bible said God is One. Where did they come from? And if they are the "sons" who are we?
Mauran 26.12.2018
It's all Irish stuff. Not really my cuppa tea.
Galrajas 03.01.2019
Don't even try to explain how science works to fanatical bigots like the pair who prowl around here today : they chose to block what we (improperly) call their ''brain'' to any rational and methodical thinking......
Mikahn 09.01.2019
That's what I'm thinking. It just doesn't make any sense. Does she call the cops on every single minor infraction of policy?


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