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" Kim responded by lifting Lisa's shirt up and over her head, then pushed her back down onto the bed. I saw that she was getting changed but she didnt put her bra on, her erect nipples were making me drool, "c'mon, i wat you to meet someone" Baffled, I got changed and followed her down stairs as i stepped onto the landing, the doorbell rang, standing at the door was, this beuatuful red head.

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I doubt it too. Hoping for something is no guarantee that it will happen. I definitely don't see it happening in my lifetime but well I can at least be optimistic for the distant future.
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I had thought that many of the Mesopotamian aspects of their culture they would have gotten through their exile. The flood myth as just one example. So if Abraham lived ~ 4000 ago but the Hebrews didn?t exist as monotheists until over a thousand years later it seems that there?s an awfully big gap in their integration of the story......


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