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Raylene gets the D

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I?ve done it (easier to pull off while wearing a condom).

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Huge dick in teen
Huge dick in teen
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One more time and it's a ban. Thanks.
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>>"Why are we not discussing why our country is raising men that can't seem to control their anger and temper?"<<
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I can still stop believing, You just don't get it. You try to spin this however you want but it boils down to the ability to stop believing, we all have it.
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And I'm trying to figure out what mass shooting was carried out in the name of atheism.
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S. That is a good thing, I am 70 and in my childhood we were not to test or question our authorities, scriptures or doctrines. As a Lutheran compelled by dysfunctional parents to attend A Catholic school ( to be taught discipline) I was beaten almost daily and had a finger and knuckle broken by a mad nun. I have some religious issues as you may imagine .
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I left it up to you to name them !
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Not as speculative as the alternative.
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Keeping the peace is overrated!
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Hotter inside. The A/C is under repair... there at least is a breeze outside...
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Not to theists.
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But Christianity is? What separates them, sir?
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West is not up. Up is the opposite direction of whichever way gravity is pulling you.
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Like drinking, driving or "extreme sports" (i.e. stupidity)?
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Ok. Not germane though, I don't think.
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Yes, they have the right to offend (though on company time, the boss might not like it), and I have the right to be offended. What they


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