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Circumstantial evidence allows you to confirm your biases. It is by no means evidence on it?s own. There is no evidence that suggests God created this. There is only a lack of evidence that proves how we came to be, which you arbitrarily inserted God into it.

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Hairy armpits milfs for free
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Goltibar 17.05.2018
No... Sales are out back of the building.
Fauk 24.05.2018
I love the fact that through science man made the banana the way it is as he is holding it and not as God intended. Once people started to point that out Bananaman stopped using that silly line.
Kazim 30.05.2018
I think people forget that, and they expect him to know what is best for the country and the rest of us, it is beyond belief.
Misar 08.06.2018
the question wasn?t asking if reductionists are evolutionary fundamentalists. The question was asking if you agree that they are indeed evolutionary fundamentalists. In order to have an informed opinion about that, you need to know what evolutionary fundamentalism is, and calling reductionists anti-theists doesn?t change the definition of evolutionary fundamentalism. So your rant over the use of the word anti-theist was a straw man, and you haven?t demonstrated any knowledge of what Gould meant by evolutionary fundamentalism.
Kazrakazahn 15.06.2018
To be fair, it was an odd question, that I am surprised you think I could answer.
Gurr 21.06.2018
not an oversight I know the audience...
Mekasa 01.07.2018
Ah. I have never met a pantheist.
Zulkilmaran 04.07.2018
I'm quite sure none of them present themselves as places for women to get an abortion. Rather, they present themselves as a place for women to go who are
Jubei 07.07.2018
"The TOE needs a reformation and it needs to be divided into two theories. The theory of micro evolution which is a scientifically proven and testable theory. And the other theory which will eventually die out from lack of evidence and the mounting evidence against it."
Faurr 15.07.2018
Poison, Guns 'N Roses, Ratt, etc. Oh yeah, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
Faujar 17.07.2018
Is this meant to be a parody of atheist thought?
Malazshura 23.07.2018
I'm answering from scriptures. It doesn't matter to me if that story is accurate. My knowledge of God is not dependent on it.
Mugrel 02.08.2018
Thats fine, you can take those off??
Mijind 07.08.2018
Up the hill, and right back down...
Mashakar 08.08.2018
If you're single then rapey behaviour isn't rapey!
Daikazahn 12.08.2018
I am afraid you didn't get the central point of that text: God created the Universe. Its further development, including planets, stars and galaxies was as designed.
Malajas 16.08.2018
Fat shaming women???
Kajas 26.08.2018
Oh I worded that the wrong way. She was a teacher who taught a normal subject, and happened to do burlesque outside of school with a moniker/pseudonym to protect her identity. Someone happened to find videos of her on Facebook [ones she had not taken of herself], distributed them, and it got back to the parents who were pissed.
Kazigar 03.09.2018
That would be entirely up to you. I would probably refuse to bake a cake that supported a cause I disagree with because I don't want my name associated with said cause. That sort of thing should not open me up to being hounded by a governmental agency. A boycott or bad yelp review, fine. But being pushed out of business by the Civil Rights commission? That's too far!
Turamar 08.09.2018
I hope so too. This incident reminded me I am not indestructible..
Bam 12.09.2018
So you agree parents should be allowed to let their kids smoke and drink or watch porn etc. So long as they sincerely believe it's ok to abuse
Shakaramar 22.09.2018
Yeah, there are. Please, demonstrate that your god is not only real, but the ONLY one out there.
Kazrakasa 25.09.2018
The learning curve.
Faerisar 05.10.2018
Care to provide a rundown of your scientific qualifications, including education, experience, fields of specialty and contributions to mainstream, peer-reviewed scientific publications. Without these qualifications, you are in no position to opine on any scientific matter, especially evolution.
Tazil 05.10.2018
oh yes! World of difference.
Mazuzahn 07.10.2018
64 people total did the survey.
Basho 14.10.2018
What, you gonna sick some beta bitches with beards in pretty dresses on me? What if I hide in the bathroom they're not identifying with that day? What if I actually punch one of the little skinny-jeans-wearing hipster faggots in their loud, ignorant, arrogant mouth? They'll go get their mommy because their daddy's too beta to do anything just like them? You bitches aren't going to do anything but talk shit on the internet, and that's it, same as always.
Shataxe 22.10.2018
If you want to make all kinds of assertions, why don't you post the links?
Tojakasa 28.10.2018
She trusted the wrong guy. He could have just as easily slipped it into her drink if she refused the pills.
Bralkree 03.11.2018
How about teaching the Koran in public schools? You okay with that?
Yorg 09.11.2018
Every person has a head (mind/intellect/reason) and a heart (emotional/faith). Some people are more driven by heart and others are more driven by head. It seems you are a person who is driven by heart which is beautiful. For me, my head has always trumped my heart. Even dating in my youth, my head remained very cautious of the men that I dated and I kept my heart closed off until trust was built. By appealing to my sense of reason, Jesus built trust in me and allowed me to open my heart to Him. While not everyone requires ?reason? for ?faith?, I did. I find the evidence extemely convincing me, but that?s just me. God designs everyone differently, which is also beautiful.
Vorisar 13.11.2018
There's evidence it was there from 2200 BC - maybe 720 BC before being destroyed and then made a return later, obviously and came to prominence in the third century.
Mazugal 15.11.2018
" and in an intelligent conversation, "


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