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Tristessa strokes her hairy pussy with a vibrator

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Earlier this week, I submitted this letter to the AJC. I was responding to the fragility of an industry and how easily businesses can pull up stakes and take off. The AJC ran an article about this ruling, how it was emboldening, the right to insist on religious liberty. Religious liberty allows discrimination, encourages hatred, and violence against gays. If we have religious liberty here in Georgia, it will affect the film, theater, and music; these are the industries I'm involved in.

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Greek women having sex
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Maulkree 26.08.2018
Aw I love Ted Danson.
Nakus 05.09.2018
they say it's just pee, but whatever floats your boat
Goltikasa 15.09.2018
I'm merely pointing the obvious... you have showed no mechanism, all your chimeras fall short.. being upset at me will NOT answer the question... just makes YOU upset..of no use.
Vudoshicage 24.09.2018
'How can you convince someone who says that there is no wind when you cannot even see it?'
Faegis 01.10.2018
The first is equal to saying "I don't believe you ( theist claim that God exist). The second is equal to say "No you are wrong." The second is a positive claim and has a burden of proof. The first does not.
Najinn 05.10.2018
It doesn't seem like it. Not like you and I!
Malakasa 07.10.2018
The votes are in - best comment on the Internet today.
Jukree 15.10.2018
Was the Youtube video as a source a clue?
Kazrataxe 24.10.2018
Naw, a story by a lying Huckabee isn't
Kagakasa 01.11.2018
I was told there would be no math....
Zololabar 08.11.2018
Don't bother. The combination of my age and legal expertise affords me the knowledge that I'm right and you're wrong. You're welcome! :)
Fenrisar 11.11.2018
LOLOL......funny, I can picture that!
Narn 17.11.2018
Bazuru 26.11.2018
ah good point.
Duktilar 03.12.2018
Nope. Not grasping at straws. I stand by my comment "every country has SOMETHING similar to a pledge"
JoJolar 13.12.2018
Holy crud, the timing...
Tezahn 16.12.2018
I can READ
Doulrajas 20.12.2018
They were hoping republicans would be smart enough to fix our infrastructure.
Tojakasa 21.12.2018
Hey you combed your hair today. Good on you.
Dot 24.12.2018
Marriage can be a beautiful thing if your both willing to work at it it shouldn't be a one sided thing.
Mautaur 26.12.2018
Good morning. Roseanne is at it again.
Vukus 31.12.2018
I think that's a lot of women. It's the closeness.


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