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Many very knowledgeable bible scholars will tell you that chapter one and chapter two were written by two different people. The name of god is different as is the syntax and concepts. Others put the stories together but there is a distinct difference all through the first two books of the bible. So, no, I don't see any truth in the old testament. It all has to be interpreted and it has been many times by many people. Just look at the exodus from Egypt and the creation and you see the mythology in it. Then also keep in mind when it was written, well after all the stories would have taken place.

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Kazishura 06.08.2018
Christ crucified is a claim worth considering.
Nikus 11.08.2018
Your definition of "etc" does not fit in the definition and is illogical. Of course it wasn't a definition of "less intelligent, able, skillful" - what you wrote should complete the list, replacing "etc".
Mekus 18.08.2018
"No refuge could save the hireling and slave/From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave"
Vudobar 19.08.2018
I swear to God Will.....
Dout 22.08.2018
Hello, Ronald. I'm sure you are correct. Hopefully one speaks up.
Mauktilar 01.09.2018
Hopefully he's able to put his rightful anger aside & keep things professional.
Dok 05.09.2018
"Ill tell you what is fake, and that is the reaction of democrat and some republican officials regarding families being split up by deportation".
Taugal 11.09.2018
Basically he called all women who had sex sluts.


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