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eating pussy and getting my cock sucked

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Melkree 20.05.2018
EV. That ?banning? thing seems to be how many of the religious demonstrate their golden rule, as well as peace, brotherhood and goodwill towards mankind.
Shaktidal 29.05.2018
I am very open minded. Show we the concrete proof and I will change my mind. When it comes to the mythology of religion, I can't fathom that anyone will change my mind.
Tejar 05.06.2018
Yes tariffs are taxation without representation but, who says a DUMB Murican gets to vote in Canada? Nobody that's who. And to be precise, tariffs are taxes levied on non natives doing business with Canadians. You're being taxed for the privilege of dealing with Canadian businesses.
Malalabar 15.06.2018
do you do like me and take the time to hang them up, walk by them every day you're on the trip, consider wearing them but end up just repacking them? LOL
Kazrakora 24.06.2018
> We inhabit only a small fraction, because life is implausible, therefore it was unlikely to be created for us.
Durg 04.07.2018
I'm going to lunch. I made the claim that the ecosystem could not have spontaneously emerged from a common ancestor by a long series of random mutations. I am claiming there is no such process, where noise creates novelty. If you would like to point me to the experiment that demonstrates such a process, I'm all ears. Otherwise, I am totally disgusted with the attitude of the bunch of ya, so I better go have a Snickers bar.
Mauramar 07.07.2018
"How old is Earth?"
Bashakar 15.07.2018
I know who Sarah Sanders is. And Stephen Miller, and Trump.
Mikalrajas 16.07.2018
Why should religion be taught at all? To what purpose if it adds nothing to adult life? And as you rightly insist, if we're going to teach it, then non-belief must be taught as well.
Mugis 20.07.2018
Wait a minute. Jehovah/Allah/Yahweh are ALL the same god. And YOU call yourself a Native American yet YOU stand here and stand up for white man's brutal god? Good bye.
Ninos 22.07.2018
Well, if he intended to save the world and most have died never knowing about him, how is that successful?
Zulkikazahn 27.07.2018
Trumptards do not get to define terms.
Voll 28.07.2018
Take back our Country !I heard it the past few years
Doushakar 03.08.2018
Nah, it didn't. He's a racist piece of trash.
Kagale 06.08.2018
We all need to have photos we cringe at, it's a right of passage lol
Kiganris 09.08.2018
Maybe Santa Claus will bring you presents this year.
Tygogrel 14.08.2018
"Also, the baker isn't catering to a wedding. He isn't there to help."
Nagami 15.08.2018
Posting discussions suck hard. I am much better at playing off a topic than creating all new material.
Tygobar 24.08.2018
Had lotsa those and it was always beer goggles.
Kejas 03.09.2018
Believing something is true when it is not is as a result of plain stupidity or a delusion or indoctrination.
Akinojar 06.09.2018
Because they lack the intelligence to actually listen, they get their talking points from the MSM. Being against illegal immigration is not "racist." To a normal person.
Kazraran 11.09.2018
Ours did too, but that was because I was indecisive and afraid to get locked into a life-long commitment.
Modal 18.09.2018
There was nothing until God made something.
Brar 19.09.2018
One shrewd tactic I'm seeing is the use of "untested rape kits" in politics.
Dijinn 28.09.2018
Exactly. In their twisted minds, they proclaim the US was founded as a Christian nation. Yet it was not, but that reveals just how much they want it to be a Christian theocracy country now.
Meztishicage 04.10.2018
It's never too early to tell children and infants that girls will always need rescuing by princes and boys should rescue needy girls.
Kigahn 14.10.2018
What specifically about a graduated tax on income bothers you?


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