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Bubble ass got me a flyer

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Busty classic pornstar in hardcore

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Sure it's a big generalization, but it's accurate

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Felkis 13.08.2018
Bigotry is bigotry.
Gugor 22.08.2018
Bullshit, Trump advocated violence towards PEACEFUL protesters at his rallies and there's plenty of proof of him doing so.
Narn 25.08.2018
Sacrifice is when a value is lost. Whether you like it or not (and I dont) sacrifice is a common theme in western thought. Even for some atheists sacrifice is viewed as noble and honorable. Sacrifice your time, money, and belongings. And its always for some bullshit collective like the ?common good?, the state, the government. Its used it to raise your taxes, accept low pay (military) and even live in squaller. The notion of noble sacrifice is used to con people out of livelihoods and even their own lives.
Mem 29.08.2018
Those bans weren't enacted by Christians. They were enacted because the legislature - you know, the voters? - in those states preferred it that way, and voted on it. I guess you only like democracy when your side wins?
Fenriran 06.09.2018
yet she implies she wants to break up all the time... I don't think she's manipulative on purpose I think she wants to stay in her subconscious, but she's tired of feeling frustrated with me lacking time and energy.
Vojora 09.09.2018
Taking part is not mandatory.
Kazrale 12.09.2018
If'n that there boy luved Jesus he woonta shot them folks up so.
Voodoogul 21.09.2018
There is no way to drown the entire planet without killing quite a few newborns. So what exactly is their wrongdoing? Did they cry too loud, or something?
Dajind 28.09.2018
Yep. Sure. God is "hands off" from human achievements. But He is hands on with human happiness and quality of fulfilment. As you find it in social development. For example our present state of freedom and peace and rejection of slavery.
Sataur 02.10.2018
The thread that ends in
Shashicage 12.10.2018
Faith is an expression of love. It literally pushes the relationship further each time, reciprocal. Its, two parts living in earnest expectation with each other til that grows immensely strong. You build off past experiences or experiments of each others commitments. There's no limit. Its growth.
Zululrajas 21.10.2018
Just like nobody believes people see gods.
Dasida 29.10.2018
On that side of the world perhaps, don't include us all under another poisoned blanket.
Nikohn 02.11.2018
The rest of the century baby! TBA!
Akinorn 10.11.2018
Down to 6 a minute ago!
Kehn 13.11.2018
The moral standards that apply to those who choose to adhere to it. If you don't adhere to it, why do you care?
Muzahn 19.11.2018
OH, I see....OK. Just because YOU choose to be ignorant about the truth of God doesn't mean that God is non-existent.
Fele 22.11.2018
What allies? They just want American protection:
Gutilar 23.11.2018
Hah, great answer. I often take the bait and soon remember that if there's no real evidence for something you won't have any hard evidence against it either.
Turisar 02.12.2018
I don't even know how they get it that tight. I never had that skill.
Shagul 10.12.2018
When was the last time the left opposed a raise in the debt ceiling?
Nizilkree 13.12.2018
Obama was a homicidal maniac who tried to destroy America!--oblamer had BPD!--The worst fucking President EVER!--MAGA!
Guzshura 17.12.2018
God Bless America /s
JoJozahn 22.12.2018
I am not invalidating by speaking the truth Niamh. They were in fact used. Otherwise they would have had the decency to allow them and their families to grieve. I don't blame the kids, most kids want to do good in the world and are easily swindled especially by prominent political figures.
Nicage 01.01.2019
In which language did god speak language into existence?
Volabar 03.01.2019
You said "homosexual" was an identity.
Jurg 11.01.2019
You're taking this way too seriously.
Kill 13.01.2019
To be fair, the claim is that many different gods have been proven not to exist by science, but that would be gods that serve one particular function, eg god of thunder/lightning or the like.
Faesida 14.01.2019
Not out of context at all.
JoJojar 18.01.2019
LOL when Christianity truly ruled Europe, science stood still, right up to the renaissance really took of.
Moktilar 29.01.2019
Thanks President Trump!!!
Kern 07.02.2019
Then you're retarded lol.
Gozil 10.02.2019
You want people to believe that the "Gospel" accounts are unreliable.
Tazilkree 18.02.2019
/////Can you lonk me to that definition?


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