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U/Rhettal Compilation - Big natural amateur tits from Reddit

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No response or reply to my other question about what the republican base has to do with a raid by ICE.

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Malat 06.08.2018
Me either. I'm not sure how to do that special character between the 'L' and the 'ki'. :P
Kagagar 09.08.2018
God is supposedly perfect. Yet he doesn't show much love.
Kagazahn 17.08.2018
Same with my granddaughter. Lol
Fegami 21.08.2018
Misogynist? I feel the same about the porn industry whether it's a man or a woman.
Modal 23.08.2018
Even though I never
Gokus 31.08.2018
See, scientific consensus is not going to run to ancient books and gods for answers even if ToE were to fail, another naturalistic theory would replace it. And that is ok, it is part of the scientific method.
Kesida 07.09.2018
Trump is a fool
Fenribei 13.09.2018
The non-existence of evidence to support YOUR God claims is the physical evidence.
JoJotaur 22.09.2018
Right??!?!?!?!?! These are the same people that say "I'm a patriot and saying anything bad about our gubment is bad and unpatriotic." but at the same time have to stock pile guns to save themselves from the tyrannical gubment. I'm so confused.
Doukinos 28.09.2018
Can we send him to Jakarta for punishment?
Shaktijas 08.10.2018
It is the government that has failed in it's duty to maintain law and order to protect that 13yo from being raped.
Nerg 14.10.2018
I'm sorry about the warm d coke, it sounds like a nightmare!
Shar 17.10.2018
Agreed, but once you go pantheistic, you get used to the variety and are more likely to try more new items from a limitless menu, don't you think?
Zulabar 26.10.2018
Think pollution laws.
Tojabar 27.10.2018
You just get more ridiculous. I wouldn? go to a vet that didn?t
Kajizshura 29.10.2018
Which rule is that? No. That doesn?t work anymore thanks to the uncivilized lefts attacks for years. He stole the playbook which you should be honored by.
Akizilkree 04.11.2018
If we ever meet extraterrestrials, they won?t be biological anymore.
Vidal 13.11.2018
You honestly think the majority of you are here to have a discussion?
Telkree 21.11.2018
Be that as it may, I would hardly consider "eating or drinking or playing board games" on the same level or "natural" for humans as killing and maiming each other. Also "natural" hardly equals good or desired. Hurricanes and floods might also be "natural," but they certainly aren't desirable and should be avoided.
Moogugul 27.11.2018
The moral foundation of Christianity is not "God killed Jesus as an act of mercy." The gospels are very clear on this.
Gosida 02.12.2018
You never could demonstrate it. You used a lame excuse to avoid it. It is easy to see what you are doing.
Fenrigar 04.12.2018
I get not wanting to be around or hear about the baby when she is having her experience but she can say leave me out of the baby activities/talks in a tactful way.
Samusida 08.12.2018
Apparently you left wing idiots think military service for the office of president is relevant because you guys keep bringing up the ?draft dodging? bit.
Taurisar 11.12.2018
"In the beginning was the word." And the word, Jesus, is "the light of the world." So clearly, the plants just grooved on Jesus until the sun came along and freed him up for other tasks. It's really not that hard to to figure out, you just have to want to believe.
Mekree 15.12.2018
Not trying to derail the discussion--seriously.
Dair 25.12.2018
It is OK for a christian woman if her life is "broken".
Goltizuru 28.12.2018
That means absolutely very little, if anything at all.
Momi 06.01.2019
There is a TON of HP fan-fiction.


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