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Last week Romney said Trump was NO role model. During the GOP primary, he called Trump a fraud and a phony. Now he predicts Trump will win re-election in 2020, why?

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Tygomuro 10.06.2018
Sigh. Individual liberty is not absolute. Anti-discrimination laws set some of the boundaries. Other laws set other boundaries.
Meztizil 20.06.2018
No, it isn't debatable. People can't choose to be gay. People can't choose their sexuality. This has been proven with every study on it.
Mekus 21.06.2018
Yes I am always thinking of a better way I could have said that thing I said. Ah well. I'll try harder.
Kajishakar 28.06.2018
And how do you get a "plus" by being a surgeon? Shame on you.
Nazragore 05.07.2018
Which judge ruled it to be illegal?
Mooguktilar 15.07.2018
What "secular norms" do you find objectionable?
Malak 22.07.2018
The actual science shows that sexual orientation is a biological multivariate based in genetics, epigenetics, hormonal baths in utero, neuronal plasticity, neuroanatomy, etc. There is ZERO scientific evidence that gays choose to be gay. Unless, of course, you have the citations to the peer-reviewed scientific research published in scientific refereed journals that shows they choose to be gay.
Brazahn 29.07.2018
As a non-theist it's pretty darn amazing too. :)
Gashakar 03.08.2018
Researchers want to know why global temperatures stopped rising.
Tojagar 07.08.2018
Has anyone else been able to prove up the claims of religion, any religion?
Bashakar 16.08.2018
Sure. That?s why you got so wound up. I?m sorry your comment sucked. Do better
Shaktirisar 22.08.2018
Most children over the age of 10 can give consent. It's just that adults still see them as helpless little twats. A hundred years ago, ten year olds were today's 18 year olds.
Daidal 23.08.2018
Not rhetoric. Truth. The economy was shrinking rapidly and the debt-to-gdp ratio was growing due to this.
Samugul 28.08.2018
But.....but..... he loves u just like a FATHER does......
Kataxe 06.09.2018
We agree that rage has no place in discourse.
Dugis 07.09.2018
I don't think that's why they need a God. It's certainly not why I need a God.
Kagagor 14.09.2018
The purpose of the thread is to get people to respect the other side by actually trying to engage from that side. It has applications that go way beyond politics. It's based on the theory that to know another person you should walk a mile in their shoes. By doing so we can improve our relationships with people who we disagree with.
Tegore 24.09.2018
I agree with you. The joke is Islamophobia.
Gardarisar 04.10.2018
Where did I do it? Can you quote my answer?
Mauzahn 12.10.2018
Thanks for your reply! One of the biggest downfalls in our marriage is that he can't let the past go. We've been together for 21 years but married for 13. we have had a lot of issues throughout the years but every issue is still brought up in our marriage now. I try not dwell on the past but every time a disagreement happens thats the go to. So you add affairs and deceit to the list, it just gets even more harder to grow together. As far as counseling, he didn't take it serious in my opinion because he was lying to me the whole time telling me that they don't communicate or see each other anymore. So now I have no desire to go with him any longer.
Voodoojar 13.10.2018
I understand. I just like to play with them. They want some hard evidence for but don't require hard evidence against. It would be more logical to say they are not for nor are they against.
Bralrajas 22.10.2018
You?re not even slick enough to catch a purposeful misspelling to communicate disdain. If the basic mockeries I have dropped on you and this article go right by you then I have little hope you?re capable of following my criticisms.
Mokazahn 30.10.2018
[email protected] how much did I miss in the time I was gone?
JoJozahn 08.11.2018
I have seen how "tolerant" the Deplorables are at Trump rallies.
Gosida 09.11.2018
Rice Krispies or Crisp Rice?
Meztikinos 19.11.2018
A completely out-of-context photo meant to provoke, I'm sure... the OP is attempting to vilify LGBT people. The photo assumes that LGBT kids "look" like this, when in fact, they LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
Gardagis 22.11.2018
That very same God which you reject loves you,so far!! :) LOL!!
Makasa 02.12.2018
Taxpayers should pay taxes.
Juzragore 09.12.2018
Sad you are
Shakagal 17.12.2018
No. A Democracy is Mob Rule.
Basho 18.12.2018
'Twas a badly placed joke, I guess. I kinda thought you'd like it.


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