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It just shows how far thigs have actually come compared to what media would have us believe. I feel for you and your family, a lot I ugly gets thrown around, most often to those who are innocent.

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Big breast amatuer girls torrent
Big breast amatuer girls torrent
Big breast amatuer girls torrent
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Kehn 04.07.2018
Who cares? Not me, bye.
Nirn 13.07.2018
Ok so I agree the rest of your post is not irrelevant.
Brarisar 15.07.2018
While I'm not a believer, I wouldn't subscribe to the Jesus is back with each new believer theory. Bible seems pretty clear it's a particular being. And given I don't believe, I can only go so far down the rabbit hole. Jews don't think he's ever showed up in the first place. There have been many messiah claimants over the centuries. The Branch Davidians thought he was in Waco in the form of David Koresh.
Kazijinn 22.07.2018
Thanks. I needed that. LOL
Faubar 25.07.2018
I would agree with that, but that 20% leaves a great deal of uncertainty.
Maunos 27.07.2018
I feel the baker is an azzhole.
Vitaxe 04.08.2018
Where did god come from, out of nothing?
Basar 07.08.2018
it's a figure of speech, my man. but you knew that
Mikall 13.08.2018
my mom used to do nails from the basement of our rowhouse when I was a little...I paid attention ;)
Akinoshura 21.08.2018
The two are not mutually exclusive.
Nalmaran 22.08.2018
Will y'all stop? I don't have enough gin to get the visuals out of my head
Gogore 26.08.2018
Actually it is.
Tuhn 31.08.2018
Find new friends, no offense.
Dailkis 03.09.2018
You're taking the priest = pedophile stance? Guess I should have expected it.
Zutilar 06.09.2018
Half of the Church of the East united with the Roman Catholic Church in 1773. What few people know is that the Pope is also pope to several other churches. Much like the king/queen of England is also king/queen of other countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Pope also by virtue of his office also heads the Chaldean Church (Most of the Iraqi Christians, the Maronite Church of Lebanon, the Armenia Uniate Church and the Byzantine Rite Church of Ukraine.
Sharr 15.09.2018
I sense an attempt by a Catholic to palm Hitler off to the Protestants like a hot potato. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, still fighting each other centuries after the initial conflict began like a bunch of children. Do you even remember what you're fighting over or are you just blindly perpetuating the cycle?
Nikokree 25.09.2018
Opps! I wrote my response before I read your post. Great minds think alike, or if you really want to be hateful you could say, "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day!". LOL
Danris 26.09.2018
yes, go where people will agree. That's the best way to learn!
Yozshunos 04.10.2018
As the featured comment suggests, black Americans will continue to be viewed with suspicion, by white people and by the cops, so long as they continue to commit crimes at a rate so stunningly disproportionate to their numbers.
Vudomi 10.10.2018
People are only human. Most aren't evil monsters opposed to good. Largely people have a rationale and based on that, their views logically follow. If you can understand the foundation as to why someone believes what they do, it helps to close the divide.
Tezil 13.10.2018
Bully is about implode.
Medal 20.10.2018
Yes, hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar and left on funk and wagnals doorstep since noon today.
Arazshura 30.10.2018
It's was a Very Hot May in the South. We've had highs in the '90s almost all month and this week we're forecasted to get highs near 99.
Dojar 08.11.2018
DarkHorseSki - I have been making that very argument for the last fifty years. I'm glad you put it back on the table. Thanks.


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