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Most people acknowledge the bible accurately records those people and places existing. Fringe lunatic Muslims are the only ones who deny Jerusalem was a pre-Roman Jewish city, for instance.

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Kehn 07.08.2018
glad you're lefthanded now rather then 500 years ago!!!
Kegor 10.08.2018
Yep but was talking more like the heavier drugs, Insurance gives companies breaks for randoms
Mem 19.08.2018
Now let me continue with your education:
Daishakar 24.08.2018
I said politely " I suggest reading the article first before commenting next time." Not sure why you're still taking great offense to that. No details on the shooter have been released aside from him being 13 years old and being a boy. Even your "white kid" statement is an assumption at this point albeit more than likely the case.
Monris 27.08.2018
Problem is, it only takes one time. -_-
Dainris 02.09.2018
I never said I thought Crossan?s contribution was not significant. I do enjoy Professor Crossan on a personal level but I don?t necessarily agree with him on everything. There is one area of his work I do really find significant and had a major impact on me is expressed in his book The Cross That Spoke: The Origins of the Passion Narrative where he demonstrates that the Passion Narrative to be built up from various Old Testament proof texts. But his view which if I could sum up in a few words is that there is practically nothing left of the historical Jesus in the later scriptures but the lack of historical authenticity is ultimately unimportant as that message conveyed by the story is what one should focus on. Even though my conclusions about the historical Jesus are light years away from his I do agree with him on the dating of Thomas for instance.
Kimi 09.09.2018
Hostile trying to make you smile? lol Now that we have your assumption all cleared up, I'm just dying here wanting to hear your POV.
Tujind 13.09.2018
You jumped on the cartoon. Doesn't matter what atheists think. This is not what the cartoon is about, so now you are trying to change the topic. Nope. The cartoon stands valid as is.
Faebar 17.09.2018
That's because an atheist will have a real life issue to kill multitudes of people for. Granted the end result is the same, but not done in the name of atheism.
Faemi 25.09.2018
To the choirmaster. Of David. The fool says in his heart, ?There is no God.? They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds, there is none who does good.
Brajora 01.10.2018
Darn - I forgot that : /
Zulkikus 07.10.2018
Well, THAT is true... About time folks started admitting it in writing instead of just giving me all the accolades in person!
Tura 15.10.2018
"They lined up for work, food, shelter and good treatment"
Faulrajas 16.10.2018
Right they just had the idea of Sheol (I think that?s how it?s spelled if I remember correctly).
Nekinos 24.10.2018
Why not? It is Wednesday. I am chatty on Wednesdays.
Dugor 29.10.2018
Britain doesn't need anywhere near as much gas as America does. They're the big market. Guzzlers, remember? You might find some relief investing in green energy though, if you can stomach it haha
Gardanos 02.11.2018
I aleady did that...ie, the fact that you trash God, and another is the fact that you think Big Bang can create Awareness, and the fact that dummies think Volcanic Lava can create DNA.... etc etc etc..
Nikodal 04.11.2018
And how do you view the appearance in History of Jesus (and the Buddha for that matter), and his teachings for spiritual growth training ("Seek first the Kingdom of God / Clean the cup within where there is wickedness, etc.?")
Voodoorr 05.11.2018
That's fvcked up
Yojinn 12.11.2018
Screwed according to what?
Meztiktilar 22.11.2018
But I'm the first moderator News Views ever had, you should despise me with a passion!
Mezijar 25.11.2018
NO, we do not. We should outlaw abortion.
JoJok 06.12.2018
Agreed. So, naturally the first settlers would build schools etc. They needed them. They were here. Religion has nothing to do with it.
Golkis 10.12.2018
you're confused. Didn't you tell me earlier there is evidence addressing origins?
Mazuru 12.12.2018
What I'm curious about is why dws ran interference for Awan. What was in it for her?
Kern 14.12.2018
That's how you know god loves
Faugis 24.12.2018
8. Too little too late
Gardalmaran 28.12.2018
In the case yesterday the Gish Gallop manifested in a single comment! Brevity and clarity seem to be diminishing arts.
Mikamuro 01.01.2019
you got pawned
Shaktikus 02.01.2019
I agree. The workers should be deported and the business owners fined the exact amount they saved on cheap labor plus 10%. That way they stay in business but lose money if they are caught using illegal workers.
Taunris 13.01.2019
He believes that a physical heart is capable of feelings and emotions?
Voodookora 16.01.2019
As you haven't provided your scientific qualifications after being at least twice asked to do so, what else could I assume? One way or the other, care to cite and quote from any mainstream, peer-reviewed scientists who regard gradualism and PE as competing theories?
Kazrasho 18.01.2019
If your beliefs are based upon verifiable evidence, then no faith is ever required. Only when a belief requires you to suspend logic and reason and accept it without verifiable evidence is faith ever necessary.


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