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You're in charge of dumpster post - I already tried one this morning ;)

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Outside of the fringe and very minor view of fundamentalist evangelical scholarship, the consensus of mainstream critical scholarship is pretty much in line with my comment.
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dunno, just isn't the lifestyle for me
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It's over. Cavs are just playing dumb now.
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Thanks. I said that I wasn't blasting *you*, just venting. Have a great evening. :-)
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Sure, my first hand account of how journalism works is that you need credible sources, and usually at least two of them, before you claim that something told by the dad of a serial liar is truth.
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I have a different take on that...
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Your opinion is noted.
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You aren't the creator. Justice was applied.
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he is the grand arbiter of the scriptures. you wouldn't understand...
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Rent here is an entirely different story. I'd be paying almost double my mortgage just to get a decent apartment with some space. It's so stupid.


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