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I don't understand your comment. Where did I say the EU? My point is that the United States has been protecting Europe financially and militarily since World War II at the expense of American tax dollars.

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Basho 26.08.2018
Lol. Sounds like a smart lady. I gave up on these long tv series after Sopranos. They all fall short of that one. IMHO
Akinoran 30.08.2018
Cry harder for me baby
Fem 02.09.2018
I hope you are not attempting to intimidate me Mr....I will speak the truth as is supported in Scripture. You have chosen to misrepresent a large group of faithful people who make manifest their love for God's Word by compliance to Matthew 24:18 and 28:19. Maybe you should think about what you say next time....!
Kitaxe 06.09.2018
My mom said I walked out of there like a gangsta.
Megor 14.09.2018
I know the bible isn't a historical record because that's what the vast majority of biblical scholars say. They also say that the authors are unknown.
Akinok 21.09.2018
Atheism = Science, in this context.
Mauramar 25.09.2018
He has never made the slightest effort to give POTUS Trump the respect he deserves. This trade war will not affect him at all but Canadians are going to get screwed so he can look good to American leftists.
Daigul 03.10.2018
But I already used my Kitten gifs....now I have to find more!
Gardajas 05.10.2018
The Bible is the words of ancient men. Not inspired or infallible.
Vishura 13.10.2018
?A food item is NOT an "essential item" for a legal contract between two people which is what a wedding "essentially" is.?
Faur 18.10.2018
What do you think Bless It means?
Mikak 23.10.2018
What was he "successful" at, other than winning the Presidency twice? BTW, he is only HALF Black.
Yozshumuro 01.11.2018
Science Fiction is absolutely the perfect genre to examine religious concepts because wit allows you to take a step back and look at ideas outside of their usual contexts so we can consider them without all the usual baggage.
Taukora 03.11.2018
in Spirit !!! He is manifest to me everyday!!! God is a spirit , and they who worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth!!!
Mular 04.11.2018
Nah... make him baseball commissioner.
Fesida 09.11.2018
if the muslims are correct, christians are screwed. It's a game only the religious play


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