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You do your numbers and I do me

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You do your numbers and I do me

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Trump will be POTUS for 6 more years and then it will be President Pence for 8 more. Accept it and submit is all the whiners can do, aside from whine about it.

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Darisar 16.08.2018
That's the home page link. Do you have the link to the actual article?
Tojagore 17.08.2018
Soooo..... someone else's choices for their own family are now considered fodder for "debate"? What are we debating, exactly - whether or not they have the right to make their own choices for their own kids?
Kazrajin 18.08.2018
It's sad that this even has to be said. That should be inherent in parenthood.
Goltikora 25.08.2018
?Only for three days.? Awesome! You affirm the death and resurrection of Jesus! There?s hope for you.
Voodoobar 03.09.2018
where do you believe the ark is today my Brother?
Faele 04.09.2018
I thought I was speaking NY/Dominican? : ) ??
Malagore 11.09.2018
Ella. I know, these guys tend to get the attention they deserve. Having looked at KD?s stats I think I gave him more of my time than deserved and what was even worse , he was neither amusing or entertaining for me. That individual seems to think he is some kind of spiritual authority rather than an just another make believer that selects a position and finds the verse that supports his position. To your point this verse is slagoricslnbut the next must be adhered to .
Tojagor 16.09.2018
It's a bit challenging to say that a country should welcome and embrace people who were caught crossing the border illegally whether on their own or being forced by their parents if they are not even willing to recite the pledge of allegiance.
Zugrel 23.09.2018
Who's "He"? Thinking of God as a human person is significant mix-up many people make.
Nim 01.10.2018
Wow,and it's only Monday! ??
Nikolkis 01.10.2018
Link directly to your evidence. Again, a comment forum isn't evidence of you being a god.
Kazile 08.10.2018
Had em in his pocket the whole time, for exampke where is the outrage from hin giving 102 billion to terrorists
Akinorg 10.10.2018
In my younger days. In fact I married my version.
Zolozil 15.10.2018
Wait for theirs. Global haallo .
Tasida 20.10.2018
At least their dictator doesn?t murder millions of innocent peo..... err nevermind
Kishicage 22.10.2018
If you're talking about generations down the track when all the colonists are dead, people are going to have the beliefs of the culture of the day.
Fezuru 02.11.2018
Then stop getting on religious channels, and you won?t be told how to live. But then again most channels are either socialist or Marxist, and they are notorious for telling people how they should live.
Banris 02.11.2018
So the United States as a nation should listen to this porn star blather on for a year or two or three, why again? Because she had consensual sex with Trump a dozen years ago?
Nalmaran 11.11.2018
Value A today < value a + tomorrows tax increase.
Arashilkis 15.11.2018
?Public opinion will be led to adopt, without knowing it, the proposals we dare not present to them directly. All the earlier proposals will be in the new text, but will be hidden and diguised?
Kazralkree 18.11.2018
I say this but I am not the first, without empathy and some degree of reason there are no morals or an understanding of right and wrong. That comes from us, not a god.
Mikagal 27.11.2018
Preposterous! I've never met a man who was put off by the kink, or the past experiences that led me to it.
Kezil 02.12.2018
Falsifiability is not the only element of a good explanation. A good explanation is hard to vary, in that all of the pieces have to work together. A hard-to-vary explanation is even more falsifiable, per se, because one only has to disprove a single element of it.
Nalar 09.12.2018
Ahhh good point! Possibly :)
Samurisar 12.12.2018
I was careful about my wording. I never said "accept" because that would require for you to endorse the racists.
Akilrajas 20.12.2018
LOL that's me every morning.
Mazahn 26.12.2018
Again, Darwinism, Darwinist, etc., are pejoratives use by creationists who choose to be ignorant about science.
Mausida 03.01.2019
Done. I am a Christian!!
Vudozshura 07.01.2019
Mr. Spong can only be a minion of Satan if that is his opinion.
Tocage 13.01.2019
Whenever I help somebody it is to relieve their suffering. Their suffering ruins my peaceful state of mind!


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