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Gays caught on security camera

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What convinced you Paul's letters were not forgeries? And, more importantly, Who convinced you they were not forgeries? History knows nothing of this Paul. No record of him preaching on Mars Hill or anywhere else. I have a degree in Ancient Near Eastern History from a private Christian college in Pennsylvania. I had three years of Ancient Greek there and one in high school. I have studied the figure of Paul a lot more carefully than you have mostly because I had to make grades. Here's an essay I got an A on:

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Gays caught on security camera
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Tegar 06.03.2018
I pulled that from someone's Disqus comment history :)
Malakus 10.03.2018
So you're saying they just pretend they are that binary and sophomoric?
Zulular 20.03.2018
Why do you think it's my responsibility to back up your claim that you made yourself?
Kezragore 26.03.2018
Is religion is important in your daily life? Yes or No?
Daimi 31.03.2018
Yeah...my @$$ on the toilet!
Jurn 08.04.2018
You do know Liberia had colonists right?
Tausida 15.04.2018
No doubt America was very late to the party.
Brakree 18.04.2018
OK US person here so that explains it
Mikatilar 27.04.2018
youdo know that pastrami was created to give observant jews a bacon alternative in their sandwiches? so,you could do pastrami in a pinch?
Tole 29.04.2018
That might be a good place to start!
Dailkree 30.04.2018
Your not agitated... Right! Lol
Zulkirn 04.05.2018
Let me paraphrase the sentence and see if it makes more sense to you:
Shara 13.05.2018
Time to send in the army and arrest and summarily execute all the treasonists.
Yokinos 20.05.2018
No Gillette. That's just a variant of the "selling pork in a Jewish bakery" defence and it is completely invalid.
Grojinn 25.05.2018
Oh and another interesting, but hypocritical fact. In the United States? Studies have shown that 70% of abortions are performed on women who proclaim themselves Christians.
Nilabar 02.06.2018
Many people in America no longer recognize truth from fiction. I'm not sure when this happened, (it was probably a gradual thing...like our once proud, now failing, oublic school system...) but it seems like 9/11 was a kind of turning point for a lot of powerful entities within the American systems.


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