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A Discussion On Healthy Polyamory

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What on earth are you getting at here? How would you have any idea where Peter, James, and Paul did or did not go when they were in Jerusalem?

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Dole 19.05.2018
Like i really need to be preached to by some panty sniffing male feminist. You need to man up.
Shashura 29.05.2018
Here is what you get when you do that...
Minos 08.06.2018
>>"Be in control of their government, of course."<<
Nemi 09.06.2018
So clearly the poster believes if evolution were true, then life would have evolved on Mars. So clearly the dots hes connecting are
Akijind 18.06.2018
we had 8 years of fvck face
Kakree 24.06.2018
Yeah cause Tory's pretty special.
Brasho 02.07.2018
But can you demonstrate god objectively like the wind can be? I can also demonstrate what the wind creates or destroys.
Gataur 12.07.2018
Absolute agnostic? Wild concept. Love it. I'm a relaxed agnostic; it's less work.
Nara 14.07.2018
Ah, put that one down to "idiom", eh? Good idea, nod nod, wink wink.
Zulkijora 19.07.2018
If you can't figure out what sexual equality means, I hope your wife has a backup plan.


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