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Moses saw a burning bush but it was not being consumed. So he got closer to see why? This was when God spoke unto Him. Once God Almighty has revealed Himself to a person. Why would some person want to go back unto the world of a false god. There are people on this earth who are 100 per cent sure that Christ is real not just because of the bible. But because God and Christ have revealed Himself unto them. Even some people used to be atheists and agnostics have changed because God or something happened to them to change them to come to Christ. Even some Muslins in the face of death, they have become Christians and the same with Jews who have been denounced by their family for becoming Christians. Many Christians in the past were fed to lions and burned at the stakes and all they had to do to save themselves were to denounce Jesus Christ and they would not do it. Today, saved Christians are in every nation and every race on earth today. It will stay that way until Christ remove His Church from this earth. Revelation, 7:9-17 the Rapture of the CHURCH.

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Asian female pool player
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Dokus 23.04.2018
Morality is a social construct. The consequences of our actions are value neutral, until we make a value judgment. Value judgments are inherently subjective.
Mikagore 26.04.2018
Must run in a different crowd, most everyone I know thinks people like you are weirdos.... And are ready to fight your perverted view for what America should be. You mean less than nothing to me.....
Akinokasa 04.05.2018
I've tested it out and put it into action. After I've shared the gospel with others and told them about God. I prayed with them and God's Spirit moved upon them in a way that they could physically feel it, God bearing witness of Himself to them, and backing up His word. I've also laid hands on the sick and they did recover - usually within the same hour.
Mashakar 14.05.2018
I?m going to pick up smoking so I can?t get ?kudos? when I quit.
Vudozilkree 20.05.2018
I think that was Epidipnis's point.
Tadal 22.05.2018
I didn't even suggest you respect me, though, Gillette.
Nigami 28.05.2018
My Liberal "pro-life" neighbours are going to be shocked to find out that they are aren't allowed to be "pro-life"
Goltilrajas 03.06.2018
I don't think that's why they need a God. It's certainly not why I need a God.
Jukasa 09.06.2018
Sorry for the confusion!
Mikalkree 13.06.2018
"Leftist" and "liberal" aren't the same thing. Giving yourself away there.
Gardashura 22.06.2018
As if humans do not know right from wrong by virtue of being an empathetic member of society.
Julrajas 24.06.2018
Why don't you just create a new OP rather than jumping off-topic here?
Daijin 29.06.2018
You never got out of high school, did you?
Aralkis 30.06.2018
YES, dumbass. That is why there are no Asians.
Zurg 02.07.2018
The unhinged left won't be happy until there is violence, like the democrat who tried to assassinate Scalise and 2 dozen Republicans on a ball field.
Nikolkree 05.07.2018
HA! That was awesome. Who cares about her political ideology and why?
Nigrel 13.07.2018
What do you think Purgatory is for?
Nabar 15.07.2018
The voters just gave the liberals a complete evaluation of the last 15 years.
Voodookree 18.07.2018
Although I have my differences with Catholics, they appear to generally care for the welfare of others, unlike the evangelicals who demonize/ostracize others.
Zujinn 24.07.2018
Maybe Trump needs to stop think digest before he speaks. To many half thought out ideas spew from his mouth.
Zushura 02.08.2018
No it?s not
Tygokazahn 09.08.2018
I bet you loved that guy who thought the cake ruling meant people could turn away and kick out black folks huh? He thought the ruling meant just what you do.
Tojarn 19.08.2018
I always like how you keep us updated, we're rooting for you! Have a wonderful day!!????
Nigami 21.08.2018
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the father except through me. - Jesus Christ


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