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India Summer in One big black cock wasnt enough for India

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Seriously? And this is all supposedly passing moderation??? If a theist said anything close, any one of the 8 atheist moderators would jump on him!

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Anal teen movie free download 100
Anal teen movie free download 100
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Goltijinn 26.05.2018
Here is a fun one I came across yesterday:
Mezragore 31.05.2018
Yeah, it's a lot of trouble for someone to print a bunch of fliers or to create a bogus Facebook group. Hardly anybody EVER does that.
Taurg 07.06.2018
According to reality, it does. He's a bigot.
Nagul 14.06.2018
False. Liberals do not have common sense. Which is why they promote homosexuality in the first place.
Tugore 23.06.2018
Please explain how archaeology has backed up Christian myth as real.
Merisar 03.07.2018
what about the other LS mods would you let us LOL
Musida 13.07.2018
We'll alert TSA that you're coming.
Akitaxe 23.07.2018
If he was so great then why is he such an idiot now?
Dulabar 27.07.2018
We don't wonder at all why you folks voted for Trump. We know exactly why. And are repulsed by it.
Zulusida 04.08.2018
Ditto I really didn't like the capital's after they beat Tampa bay lighting out of the playoffs
Zusida 05.08.2018
Actually, I agree with the way the Creator (if there is one) did it - set up a universe that supports the emergence of life and its rise to greater and greater complexity - and eventually intelligence - through iterative natural selection. It's powerful and elegant and I doubt I could improve on it as a universal solution.
Tesar 13.08.2018
I would be inclined to believe that if Republicans weren't against labor unions at home.
Shaktigami 17.08.2018
History DOES have my back.
Vokazahn 23.08.2018
But Rome went around conquering its neighbours. How is someone from Gaul or Britannia not-Roman one century, but Roman the next? What's the distinction? Why shouldn't a Frank who settles on the other side of the Rhine be considered Roman?
Arashura 25.08.2018
Of course He does. That is why He gave us the bible and a method to ask for His guidance when reading it so we can understand what for a human is utterly incomprehensible.
Vogar 28.08.2018
I know the logic that you want Green and Iggy to be the open jump shooters, but DAMN. These are NBA players and the absolutely wide open corner 3 is really not the shot you want your opponent taking.
Vudomi 31.08.2018
"At best manipulation" - you don't think that is a generalisation?
Mazuzahn 02.09.2018
All the evidence adds up to a leap of faith with Christ
Kagagrel 06.09.2018
Nope. I never made a claim that I am some kind of moral authority. These guys did. Therefore, we get to judge them on their lifestyle and just how closely they follow what they preach. I, on the other hand, don't preach at all.
Daigal 10.09.2018
If ever I claimed "I didn't say god doesn't exist" it will be in context to a previous statement. It is not a general assertion of opinion. If my previous--typed out--comment does not contain the words "god does not exist" I will not claim it contains these words.
Zologor 20.09.2018
Being a leftist and a communist, I can't expect you would understand that.
Guran 29.09.2018
In modernized countries. No it shouldn?t be recommended. While there are benefits none of them are really applicable in modernized countries.
Samukora 03.10.2018
Hmmm... You mean to suggest this guy might have been doing it only to see if he could get an unprofessional reaction from my boyfriend? I've never heard of anything like that before.
Brat 13.10.2018
Exactly. Take each complaint as it comes instead of judging everyone by this incident.
Dabei 20.10.2018
I don't worship either.
Shakazil 23.10.2018
What? So, using the "Twinkie Defense?" Get serious.
Akigore 25.10.2018
Yes keep your idiotic bullshit private
Samushura 03.11.2018
Why'd he sign a consent decree after being sued by the feds for refusing to rent to blacks?
Yokinos 09.11.2018
No I'm not
Voll 17.11.2018
The same rights as you are not special rights
Kigal 19.11.2018
Soon, your lost soul will return to cold dark empty state ( hell) freezing for eternity and, there, you would beg God to lobotomize you all the time rather than remain in hell if given a choice..
Kazrazuru 20.11.2018
Mormons believe that Jesus was "a" son of god, just not "the" son of god. We are all "sons of god".


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