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No idea who they are but I will google it, save it and read it later.

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Zolotaxe 02.07.2018
That can't be right - bowling's on Thursdays.
Faule 07.07.2018
She's 13 and wants to own her own body. She is discovering her style. She may be happy with the short cut (perhaps to differentiate herself from her mother) or she may end up regretting it.
Goltir 07.07.2018
Ah shucks! ;P
Tumi 14.07.2018
It is confusing for me as a catholic because so many gospels talk about temples, rabbi's, and circumcisions-OY Vey. I guess we all started together from way back then, and then some how the people carrying the word went off on tangents with their own views on it. That is why there are many similarities in some religious practices. To me it doesn't matter as long as you believe in some religion that teaches love, charity, respect, and things just like in the 10 commandments. Most of our laws were drafted from God's Laws.
Nikokree 16.07.2018
The Canadians didn't need any help - they burned down their own.
Tanris 26.07.2018
No I have more Trudeau-hating theories.
Akizragore 30.07.2018
Do you think that was a clever response?
Zuluzragore 08.08.2018
That is really the point. The government isn't getting their money from the fraud committing business owners. When they send in payroll taxes for 50 people when they have 75 in reality, they aren't getting the government "their money".
Mor 17.08.2018
The wedding cake is part of the event. Does that therefore mean that if the baker, who is morally opposed to adultery and thus refused to bake a cake to celebrate an adulterous relationship between a heterosexual couple, that he is anti-heterosexual? After all, according to some in your camp, merely baking a cake for a celebration does not constitute participation in that celebration. And since he's not really "participating", his motivation must be based entirely on animus toward heterosexuals if we follow this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion.
Kazrasho 24.08.2018
I love species evolving. I hate a deceptive thing like evo though...wrecks my atheist friends
Dalmaran 27.08.2018
I don't. Therefore your claim is bullshit. Not that I imagined much else, considering your clear hatred towards non-Christians, and especially atheists.
Baran 06.09.2018
I feel like as most people haven't really experienced the legitimate hardcore "I need to die now" feelings, they can't really relate/understand/help.
Mezizragore 16.09.2018
Prove that assertion please.
Aragis 24.09.2018
My back yard is bigger than a jail cell.... snicker.
Mosar 27.09.2018
Based on your extensive and ongoing observations while hiding behind a fake name on the internet? Whoo. I'm glad you settled that. Especially considering that this company has been cited in the past for allowing employees to sexually and physically abuse children in its care.
Gutilar 03.10.2018
I struggle with it too-(I am a POC), but have come to the point where I think it should be done away with. I don't think it actually addresses discrimination in any meaningful way, and like you say, it creates racial division and hard feelings. I may be getting jaded on the subject because I have heard so many white-men (so far no women) complain that they were discriminated against, but after a little investigation it turns out they were lying about lots and lots of things. And on the other hand, lots of POC complaining about discrimination where it turns out they were lying as well. It may be the case that if there wasn't affirmative action embitterred people would just blame something else for their failings, but affirmative action is such an easy hook to hang your excuse on. Also, it is insulting. Many many brown people are successful without affirmative action--in fact affirmative action may not figure into their success at all, even when it is applied.
Fenrikora 11.10.2018
Yes, it's a bit long, but with the link to the source it's no problem to cut it.
Nelkree 18.10.2018
The bible literally tells you who and for how long to keep slaves. How is that a death sentence for slavery?
Zutilar 22.10.2018
I would be sad if nothing surprised me. I'm sorry. :')
Ferr 01.11.2018
After Obama was in office for all of 48 days.........
Zulujora 02.11.2018
That is abundantly clear. But you make it sound like a bad thing.
Mushakar 08.11.2018
Sorry, I just think that's an excuse people use to be rude. No one chooses to be hurt. It just happens.


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