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I apologize for your misunderstanding of my comment, I was only attempting to clarify for you since your comment seemed to confuse the facts.

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You re a boob
You re a boob
You re a boob
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My new boob job
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Kigataur 27.07.2018
HAHHAH, How were they peaceful? Running people over with a car is not peaceful, shooting a pistol at people is not peaceful! Beating people is not peaceful
Vudoshakar 29.07.2018
Two gods on two heavenly thrones (matthew 19:28) is monotheism? And your christ has apparently overthrown his Father and is the One True God?
Zulule 06.08.2018
So a dog raised by cats would still have the instinct of a dog? Would it?s brain function be feline or canine?
Yozshushicage 07.08.2018
haha That's a cool meme.
Samuran 14.08.2018
let's ask Rep. Hank Johnson if Guam is still floating.
Mezijar 22.08.2018
No. I worship The GOD of the Bible.
Dogul 31.08.2018
And thus unnecessary.
Taubei 09.09.2018
So does every religion. Despite that, you only target Muslims.
Fenrijora 12.09.2018
That's exactly the point: don't use old books which's words can have multiple meaning to form an argument.
Zukinos 14.09.2018
this is a discussion board. You said something. I replied. Specifically said something about miracles happening if you do xyz... which to me is deplorable... here is how it sounds "I help people because I get miracles...."
Sahn 24.09.2018
Same. LMAO! Anyone else like to join our Squat Squad?
Fenrirn 25.09.2018
It just turns my pee green.
Ferisar 29.09.2018
I didn't give context or a reason for that hypothetical. You're the one who seems to think that violating TOS is okay depending on the context.
Mezigal 30.09.2018
Evidently Lois has never known desperation. She doesn't even understand the notion in her likely cushy life. Desperation cuts thru everything. There should not be even one Christian out there who would not protest this.
Goltirisar 09.10.2018
Lol. No obama was never respected. They all knew he was a spineless lead-from-behind kind of coward. Red line threats and all.
Mazugul 09.10.2018
Nice talking to you tempest. Take care!


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