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Also, I'm more than willing to bet he didn't talk like that IRL.

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Xem phim sex com vn
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Nekinos 11.08.2018
love is meaningless to an atheist is equally absurd. that was my point. Slavery is bad because I would not want to be a slave. I would dislike it so much that I would rather die. Since I wouldn't want it done to me, it is only logical that I should not do that to someone else. And I have no fear of a god that will punish me for it......See, morality without god. It is really not that hard.
Gushicage 14.08.2018
That?s harsh for a Peanuts obsession but you know best.....
Bralrajas 18.08.2018
If that's not a prototypical Trump voter....He's even got the stupid, slack jawed, inbred look.
Tanris 20.08.2018
Hah, great answer. I often take the bait and soon remember that if there's no real evidence for something you won't have any hard evidence against it either.
Tushakar 23.08.2018
The OP gives the scale. You're a 50.
Bashakar 27.08.2018
Don?t be so hard on yourself. We all get it wr by sometimes
Shakat 05.09.2018
What Sir T said. 2
Tokree 06.09.2018
Well, here's hoping the second company delivers.
Tygoshakar 15.09.2018
These were Trump supporters so the "mistake" was...well...it was Trump supporters...nuff said.
Mugor 17.09.2018
Voters gave republicans the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014 to STOP Obama policies not to pass them! The same thing happened to a greater degree in 1994 when Clinton tried to cram Hillarycare down our throats!
Gohn 23.09.2018
Show me where it says that.
Zutilar 28.09.2018
The joys of parenting ??
Mezinos 29.09.2018
What is God's next project? Is he playing Willie Loman in "Death of a Salesman"?
Faukus 08.10.2018
"Let's face it. Many "New Atheists" (young and old) have a penchant for passing around some really wrong history. "
Zulkinos 15.10.2018
Thankfully...but we'll see for how long now that the Democratic Party no longer has a super majority in CA but thankfully, we're doing well. I just wish we didn't have to spend so much damn money fighting Trump.
Niran 21.10.2018
Here's a mirror for you...take a good long hard look.
Maunris 22.10.2018
Well, yeah, she kinda is. I'm all for giving Trump officials a piece of my mind, but there are enough unhinged fringe (on both sides) that will only need the slightest encouragement to act violently, that I believe Waters is being irresponsible.
Mezit 31.10.2018
There are no "eyewitness" accounts outside of the Bible, and you can not use it as proof of your religion because it is biased. The PURPOSE of the Bible was to make people believe their version of the "God" story.
Zulujind 08.11.2018
according to Christians, whoever isn't a christian Is going o hell
Faekazahn 16.11.2018
It doesn't help that my cousin naturally has absolutely no filter, at all XD
Gardak 22.11.2018
We already have that.
Maunos 25.11.2018
It was interesting but I don't understand how it relates to my comment.
Zuluktilar 01.12.2018
Do you follow the Christian Identity sect, Sonny? Just wondering.
Kajirisar 10.12.2018
He never met The living long-haired radical socialist Reform Rabbi The Christ legend was based on. He had a heat-stroke induced temporal lobe epileptic fit in which he hallucinated his own version. He set up a rival movement to the real followers back in Jerusalem and for a few decades both flourished until about 70CE when Rome sacked Jerusalem and killed the leaders who knew "Jesus" so Paul's version spread wider and to non Jews until it became the Roman State Religion with a popes and Cardinals and bishops and Priests telling people what to think. Not the Gnostic (Know god yourself) movement it started out as.
Momuro 13.12.2018
He is right you know.
Shakacage 16.12.2018
I want to believe. I am a mechanical engineer and right now the best I can do is a drafting job. I hear there are jobs out there but I put in 1 or 2 job apps a day and not even a nibble in the last 9 months. Guess its time to up root the family and move.


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