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Vintage lab instruments volt meter

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Vintage lab instruments volt meter
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That's why you drink plenty of water and pace yourself. Food helps too. ;-)
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It is what it is. A story of the people of Israel and their relationship with God. It is real in that it has not been modified to avoid difficult concepts.
Yogor 06.08.2018
"That's why you addressed what I wrote. You simply don't understand how evidence works."
Nikogis 15.08.2018
Rick...Are you saying my Irish Spring isn't working?
Kagajas 26.08.2018
Back to the 'prove it' game.
Kagagal 04.09.2018
No...because part of evolution is true. Its the other part that's added BS. Evolution takes good scientific work and interprets ...fish to human, all from the facts. The facts show its small changes, but nothing shows its cumulative. The atheist accepts this myth with open arms. They have a reason, nothing to do with science.
Dashakar 14.09.2018
Yes but what I posted if what I seevof the left over is Pagan and is still part of Christian Theology...... ?? ??
Dami 18.09.2018
Again, (1) if there is no Creator, then there is no gripe; or (2) if there is a Creator, it is an idiot.


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