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"He was not committing any crime."

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Veronica sex tape naked photo
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Right, so... why do you think that knowledge such as that didn't spread into Christian territories? It's not that there weren't curious scholars for 800 years. It was suppressed.
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If only God was more wrathful and judgmental! This would never stand!
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The car wiring sucked big time and it was reverse polarity if I remember right.
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I don't agree with everything Obama did, but he was a presidential president because of how he conducted himself. I respect him.
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I don't have scar tissue. The sheath over the penis head dims sensations like a cushion. Ask anyone who's had it done later in life. My Armenian classmate had it done when he was 17 and once it healed had a better sex life.
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Even the livestock... :(
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Yep. Humans do love their sex. One of the main pleasures in their lives. But such is eating nice foods, wearing expensive clothes, driving luxurious cars, living in big houses etc. Everything the money god can get them. All earthly pleasures part of an earthly life. But all these things also cause much problems and stress and illnesses. And others don't have it and think they miss the "enjoyment of life". And they all miss the Wisdom that God as the Superior Being has much more of what they are seeking.
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He said his words would last forever. True.
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Right but apparently these folks are nearly 8 and no engagement even.
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Obergefell was unconstitutional. That is apodictic.


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