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Take a look at real scientists and thinkers that were put to death (tortured for long as possible) at the hands of the Church.

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All сomments (21)
Ker 01.08.2018
It's a slow-mo troll.
Meztiramar 10.08.2018
I agree, allowing them to stay in what is essentially many of their homes, with no legal citizenship in any country would be a bad plan.
Dull 20.08.2018
Catalonia was an independent Kingdom for a long time in History. Franko put paid to all that by force. To my mind they are in a similar situation to Scotland - British for 300 years having signed a treaty. Unfortunately in Catalonia's case Spain has reneged on many of the terms of that treaty - and so they have every right to be miffed and want OUT.
Tarr 30.08.2018
I see nothing in there postulating that nothing came before it. Only that it is the start of our universe. Are you seriously trying to insert words where there aren't any on a subject?
Mulmaran 31.08.2018
Well... the Greek word used is "Eunuch" so... it's a tough call.
Shakagis 07.09.2018
Yep.Get educated,then you may be able to keep up with,YES "US".
Zuzil 17.09.2018
I am utterly offended.
Faum 26.09.2018
Where you even born the last time a Democrat who served in the military was President?
Shalrajas 04.10.2018
Of those two questions, the only valid answers can be that both are yes, or both are no. I can't see arguing yes for one and no for the other.
Gasho 05.10.2018
Women like this make me so angry.
Dojora 13.10.2018
Once again we see this fundy make a claim and then refuse to back it up. Typical. And pathetic.
Jukora 14.10.2018
I guess she really likes sex, hmm good for her
Jugrel 21.10.2018
It is sooo good though lol.
Mikasida 30.10.2018
I do not care for your Trolling comment. It is unwarranted. No, I do not watch much TV. It has become too liberal and full of nonsense. Yes, i think sex and religion are a family responsibility and not the governments.
Kejora 06.11.2018
Do you think religious parents do not use their religious community to raise their children? No my point was you can cherry pick the good and say religion is a positive, it has its darkside. Just because religion was useful at one time does not mean it continues to be the same today or that a better way has not been found.
Akigar 12.11.2018
Sounds like it would hurt.
Shagis 22.11.2018
I'm gonna have some things to discuss after probably my third glass of wine on Friday.
Shakarg 23.11.2018
I still don't understand. If you are not religious then religion doesn't affect your life. I mean I believe in God but it has never came up in everyday life.
Vogrel 24.11.2018
I would expect Bridenstine to be out of a job by the end of the year. Trump isn't going to let this guy hang on once the big carbon energy boys start waving money around.
Akishicage 02.12.2018
Marx never advocated for a "strong armed oligarchy". The philosophy of Communism is that it would be a classless society where all men and women would be socially and economically equal.
Kajizragore 09.12.2018
Canada has a lot to teach everyone and our PM is a gentleman and a feminist. He does touch up women like your president.


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