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????! It actually is. (I mean platonic/wholesome). My friend and I get a kick when I pick her up and twirl her around. We've been doing that since like 6th grade. We rode a city bus once, and it was sooo crowded, she ended up sitting on me. Neither one of us wanted to go sit in the last seat by the pack of weirdos. ??

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Tira in da nude
Tira in da nude
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I'm watching summer league preseason etc, I got school and this is the way I relax
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Islam is a derivation of Christianity, not Judaism directly.
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Screwed according to what?
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Jesus is God embodied in the flesh. On Earth, it was his spirit soul and his flesh. He died, and then he rose from the dead. He rose to heaven and sent his spirit to comfort his people. He is in all of us, including you.
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No child is being killed. words have meanings and definitions.
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It should have stayed with the states, of course. The Obergefell decision was unconstitutional and devastated our legal system, made a travesty of it.
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My point being that I had hoped for something more original.
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How can I answer a question if I don't have the facts? So who or what is responsible for creation?
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*shuffling papers, stacking folders*
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Good for you.
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What? Rigged draft? I don't think so. The rules for expansion were agreed upon by both the Team owners and the Players.
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Which is a philosophy, not an objective source of reality.
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I personally dislike religion, but i absolutely hate the IRS. Standing on his morals doesnt make him dishonest.
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1. Nature unbounded? It is whatever it maybe.
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Lot of "what ifs" there....
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Funny when they lose or it doesn't go their way its suppression or fraud yet if we do the same and there is more evidence against them we are crazy.
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Nope. It's altruism, humanitarianism, the kind of stuff we make morals out of. Morality is a code of behaviour between right/wrong. Essentially a moral is a judgement call including rational as well as abstract thought.
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And do you have an opinion on whether, if fairies are found by science, their wings will shimmer green or purple?


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