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The dusty ass went down the road

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Rose delivers

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Either way they had been best friend from that point on.

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>>"Thinking that Christians are some kind of threat to civil rights is ridiculous."<<

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Dakora 14.06.2018
NO, it's not. It's the same mindset of "I wont' serve your kind" -- and that's blatant discrimination. And illegal.
Maushura 24.06.2018
The actual marriage legally is. The commitment is way more than that.
Doushicage 27.06.2018
Love is the only thing that matters.
Gukora 07.07.2018
Donny J isn't doing his job. He was supposed to deport 182.
Mikanris 14.07.2018
Nice to know they aren't spying on their commenters.
Zolodal 23.07.2018
Could you repeat your answer, please?
Mataur 28.07.2018
Well I'm glad we agree on some things. The message of the Bible is very
Gardajind 02.08.2018
Well by historical reconstruction of earliest Christianity, by the time of Paul's first writings in the early 50s, there already existed some 40 different sects of Jesus followers. Some with quite conflicting views. That number doubled to some 80 different Jesus traditions by the end of the first century.
Brall 09.08.2018
Wouldn't you agree that more people living by the Sermon of the Mount and the Ten Commandments would create a better society? If everyone offered themselves to God and shared everything they had with their fellow man -money, learning, talent, jokes, cake, etc.-...what do you think?
Negis 14.08.2018
One that split happen, you were always gonna end up with two empires. when or who caused it may have changed, but the split set up two empires and had to happen as it was simply too big.
Tusho 23.08.2018
100% agree. In fact, not that I live in the area, but I would not do business with them if I did. A business has the right to do business with whom ever they want, same as customers.
Shakadal 31.08.2018
Suuuurrre. Crisis actors. Got it.
Yorn 09.09.2018
make you a deal, give me your BEST piece of evidence and we can test our open-mindedness togehter
Mugis 11.09.2018
Lol you quote Paul - the ultimate apostate!!! Who should have been executed for murder!!! Right? Where?s the justice? He murdered people ?
Bashakar 13.09.2018
This is why the nice Jesus said:
Voodoolrajas 20.09.2018
I honestly believe that they might well be, one day!
Fenrisho 28.09.2018
I remember dealing with LCM a few years ago. It was such a trip lol a really bad trip.
Vunris 07.10.2018
I can't stand when people have their dogs offleash and say things like "Oh, he's friendly!" as the dog ignores commands and jumps all over people. I take my dog offleash a lot on nearby trails where we rarely encounter other people. Still, I'll have my dog immediately run back to me to be leashed if someone crosses our path too. I'm not sure I'd even have the confidence to do that if she tended to get riled up and want to say hi instead of naturally avoiding strangers and new dogs.
Vilmaran 10.10.2018
The heat index for today is somewhere between OMG and WTF.


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