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A tattoo with a misspelling scrawled on someone without their consent. And even that can be removed. Chopping bits off is irreversible and good reason to let the owner decide. Seems the polite thing to do.....

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Te huns thumbs up
Te huns thumbs up
Te huns thumbs up
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Doudal 01.09.2018
Christianity already has a baked in tradition and to say that we should not support those traditions is like trying to gnaw off your own arm.
Mezimuro 08.09.2018
I fear you are right. I generally enjoy a good debate and will always do my best to add something of value in each post. Here I feel as though I'm banging my head against a brick wall. He does not seem to bother to read anything I write so the whole thing is a waste of time.
Dilar 11.09.2018
sounds like a choice way to make a living. while you were making stars, did you come across personal knowledge that the earth is a closed system? what made you think this was the case?
Goltik 17.09.2018
I am a streaming addict
Brale 21.09.2018
Poor dog having to have you touch it.
Zulugrel 25.09.2018
But I wanna debate the topic that wasn?t up for debate and I don?t wanna start a separate thread about it so I don?t derail someone?s topic!!! Waaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!
Dile 27.09.2018
Is that a picture of the last remaining moderate Republican in Congress?
Shakacage 02.10.2018
We're old school here.. we have to vibe with the person first.
Magrel 09.10.2018
Dems all left the klan when the klan became mainstream. Dems are far too extreme for klan now.
Tygogul 16.10.2018
Use a dictionary.
Maucage 18.10.2018
1. You make your own purpose for living. 2. Abiogenesis is still a mystery. 3. Planet formation is known. 4. Currently you get buried or cremated, no one knows after that. When you say you want to understand from a different perspective not sure I understand since we are all human as far as I know. Do you have some other perfection unknown to humans?


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