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Sexy asian Roxy Jezel gets sammed hard

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Probably the same effect his insulting and bullying of NFL players had on the traditional visit to the White House by a Super Bowl winning team.

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Strip theory added mass
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Dagul 18.04.2018
Here's a few.....
Nekora 26.04.2018
If I want someone to love me, which apparently your god does, the last thing I want is for them to fear me. How the hell can fear and love be compatible? How screwed up is that?
Kilkree 28.04.2018
Then I'm definitely going off,lol. No I think she is trying hard to prove herself since she was just promoted but taking it to the nth degree.
Kak 01.05.2018
typical hypocritical republican bigots.
Gardara 05.05.2018
Sorry, I don't waste my time with one who thinks there could be something physical before the beginning of time-space.
Sak 16.05.2018
...of the existence of
Kezshura 17.05.2018
I dunno, for her it may be something like saying hello.
Banris 28.05.2018
YouTube "All the Times Trump has called for violence at his rallies." Pot meet kettle.. Furthermore Maxine didn't call for violence, she called for people to confront Trump's administration, big difference. Thin skinned whiny little bytches is all these people are.
Tojinn 28.05.2018
Belief in a god has not made Christians moral. Hypocrites sure but not moral.
Gukinos 01.06.2018
Two old coots that snould learn when to
Vojin 09.06.2018
Let me clarify to everyone reading this or following my OP.
Mazukora 12.06.2018
There's actually alot of benefits to keeping the same cops on the same shifts.... I've worked the same beat for 8 years now, and I absolutely love it... you get to learn whats out of the ordinary for your beat, you get to know the neighborhood, the people, and build that relationship.... when they start moving you around alot, you loose that.
Tunos 16.06.2018
I upvoted it for fun...


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