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As a believer, this point has always bothered me...

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Shaktirisar 26.06.2018
My mum says I?m so skinny and asks if I?m eating well.
Douzilkree 04.07.2018
Well, yes, right. with a ---but---
Felkree 07.07.2018
Right now, we're talking about what's he's claiming.
Goltidal 17.07.2018
The Supreme Court Justices needed to put to rest WHAT was requested and WHAT was denied. They are pulling it from Colorado's court to answer that question.
Vudobei 19.07.2018
You get baptized in the white jump suit too?
Mikam 26.07.2018
how come you demand long explanations from us but we are expected to accept your "DOESN'T WORK"
Dujora 04.08.2018
You do realize that the 'super' part of 'supernatural' means that 'supernatural falls outside the rules that govern the 'natural' world, I trust?
Katilar 08.08.2018
Great question, and one not easily answered.
Vubar 11.08.2018
Lol, sure tell yourself that.
Goltit 13.08.2018
It was a no brainer.
Akinozragore 15.08.2018
I think "human loving superpower" is a simplistic understanding of God: and I think citing smallpox is good proof of why that's a problem.
Zurg 17.08.2018
No thanks, don't want the Deep State to have my address.
Nilabar 26.08.2018
It's so tempting, isn't it? Doing what you're told not to?
Gakora 31.08.2018
1. While I do tend to focus on the bad, this generally comes from people saying it is perfect, and that is my response. But I have no problem pointing out that it is a mixed bag. And I think a nuanced approach is probably a better approach.
Malarr 03.09.2018
Get your eyes check, the "Trump Family Syndicate?" specialized for several generations in paying porn starlets.
Samugal 12.09.2018
???? true tho! Haha
Zut 15.09.2018
No insults William. Deleting.
Kazijind 20.09.2018
I'm not going to tell anybody who to praise but I will question somebody's judgement who thinks a rat is a saint.
Juran 27.09.2018
SO all the scientists with whom you agree are inarguably correct, and the ones who don't are wrong - got it.
Fegis 29.09.2018
Mine sometimes makes this happy groaning sound when she sees us after an absence. She's overjoyed at the reunion..lol
Mezilkis 04.10.2018
Again, not the left. There are smart, principled conservatives who are anti-Trump. They aren?t among Trump?s base.
Arashilar 06.10.2018
really? proof that it was not Crazy feminist women who hate men...
Tygokree 13.10.2018
It was a JOKE.
Kigagore 21.10.2018
Unless your god has noodly appendages, he's not the one.
Kagasida 23.10.2018
Do those swabs test for impairment or just THC levels?
Goltimi 31.10.2018
>>"I guess you are not familiar with my topic. You realize Richard Dawkins agrees with me, right?"<<
Malajora 07.11.2018
But what would you wear beneath the kilt?
Nijinn 16.11.2018
So is this a discussion on religion or politics?
Dushakar 26.11.2018
It is really easy , the biggest part of Everyone's budget is healthcare , or your health.. If you don't have a roof over your head , clean water and healthy food it does not matter what your "electricity bill" is !! And in Ontario, Canada we share the environment we live in !
Mikakora 28.11.2018
Yes no question it's nothing but dangerous mind pollution geared to gullible dupes
Akinojora 30.11.2018
*not an archaeologist* is the key. He's never done any actual field work at the site. Do you know of any real archaeologists who think anything Salm has to say is even remotely worth considering?
Shakazil 09.12.2018
No, they'll still want us serving them in high heels. ??
Samull 15.12.2018
So why did the French branch of the Rothschilds run away to England and fund the enemies of France, Jew?
Mikahn 22.12.2018
Easy there. This is a family channel.
Gojar 31.12.2018
Ok, so this was a year ago now. If you "forgave him" and stayed with him, then you're going to have to let it go and find a way to get over it. Try seeing a therapist if you're finding it difficult.


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