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Reality refutes evolution.

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Akinolkis 04.06.2018
That is your view. The property is the STATE'S, not the individual. You start from that premise.
Bralrajas 11.06.2018
I don't know. Are you a kid stuck at the border?
Akinoshakar 14.06.2018
This is the mindset you get by being religious. Can't see the forest for the trees.
Gobei 25.06.2018
I dislike the direct conversation. At some point (after a year, but before five years) there should be acknowledgement.
JoJojinn 27.06.2018
That is the core Christian doctrine. The whole reason for the faith.
Narg 05.07.2018
"Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's"
Yoramar 09.07.2018
The only baker I want to hear from is Enzo from The Godfather.
Shaktigis 12.07.2018
Who's you people?
Mezikus 16.07.2018
Small change does. Its not cumulative. Genomes accumulate mutation, but it hampers change. That's what is observed anyways
Moogujar 21.07.2018
Therefore, I must assume you have evidence that God does not exist?


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